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The Guadeloupean author Maryse Condé died Monday evening on the age of 90, on the Apt hospital in Vaucluse, France, as introduced by her husband to Agence France Presse. She wrote quite a few novels, performs, youngsters's literature, memoirs and essays, all the time moved by the necessity to perceive existence, her personal and that of others. The world. And, particularly, the completely different types of racism and intolerance, and the connection between African peoples and the diaspora. Specifically, that of the Caribbean. And, in fact, feminism.

Doctor in Literature from the University of the Sorbonne New and professor at varied French and American universities, equivalent to Maryland, Virginia or Columbia (the place she chaired the division of Francophone Studies), in 2018 she acquired the Right Livelyhood Prize for Literature (often called the Nobel Prize Alternative) and in 2021 the Cino del Duca World Prize, which highlighted his most humanist aspect. Some of her works revealed in Spain are The Gospel of the New WorldHeart that laughs, coronary heart that cries o I, Tituba, the black witch of Salem, all revealed by Impedimenta.

Maryse Condé, the youngest of eight siblings, was born in 1937 in Pointe-à-Pitre, the capital of the Antillean archipelago of Guadeloupe, an outermost area of the European Union that’s a part of France. She began writing at 10 years previous. She lived on three completely different continents (Africa, Europe and America). In considered one of her final interviews with EL PAÍS, in 2019, she already appeared very weak, transferring slowly and in a wheelchair, talking slowly, resisting a degenerative illness that had already claimed her brother Sandrino once I was nonetheless very younger. “Sometimes I think I'm only here because I've pursued my brother's dream. He wanted to be a writer and couldn't. “I am fulfilling his dream,” she stated then.

Maryse Condé, in an image from 2015.
Maryse Condé, in a picture from 2015.ADRIAN DENNIS (AFP/Getty Images)

He had been awarded the choice Nobel in 2018, after the official suppression after a sexual scandal: “The suppressed Nobel was sexist, elitist and white. It was a reward for the white man. That it has been suppressed by a sexual scandal shows that we are in other times, in which the voice and presence, the female body, are being thought of in a different way. That an alternative Nobel Prize has been launched is good news, it means that things can change,” he stated.

In the final interview she did with Babelia, in 2021, at her house in Gordes, she admitted having discovered “a certain rest”, a state near happiness after such a busy life, having already turn into an incredible girl of letters. French. Not in useless, President Emmanuel Macron had declared that Condé's literature had all the time accompanied him.

“I have always been passionate about Africa and she is one of the writers who have taught me what Africa is. “I am moved by the combats that she has fought and, above all, by this kind of fever that drives her, this indiscipline, this permanent dislocation,” she had stated in 2020. She was awarded the Order of Merit of the French Republic. Of course, she by no means acquired the eye of the Goncourt prize or any of the opposite awards that consecrate French writers.

“I think that the fact of having always claimed the independence of Guadeloupe and having belonged to the Union for the Liberation of Guadeloupe hurt me a little,” stated the author. And she assured that, regardless of the current official recognition, “France continues to be racist, intolerant and narrow-minded about human beings.”

For Condé, literature was a balm able to uniting human beings; it taught him every thing about variations and equality, concerning the ties between folks. “It is a dream that can lead you to revolution or to the simple contemplation of beauty. But, above all, literature is a tool for understanding. “It helps us understand the world,” he famous.

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