Julin López: “My family came to visit and we went around a roundabout where there was a tarp with my face. It's surreal” | EUROtoday

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A Julian Lopez (El Provencio, 1978) God has come all the way down to see him. Better stated, he has gone down 'Matusaln'. His new film, wherein he performs a middle-aged rapper, is now in theaters and has solved his largest present concern: going to the Copa del Rey closing that his Athletic play subsequent Saturday.

“There was no way to get a ticket and it turns out that they asked me to go to the countryside to promote the movie during the break. They hadn't finished telling me about the proposal and I had already accepted. As the days get closer I'm starting to panic, I don't want to hear talk about the Gabarra. The other day I had a dream in which Mallorca was winning, we tied at the end and I woke up in extra time without knowing how it ended. That makes me restless, I don't want to suffer anymore,” he explains earlier than returning to that comedy wherein he does issues he by no means imagined.

Rapping at 45 years outdated. You didn't see this coming.
Not in any respect. And I noticed it even much less once I had a celebration with the Violadores del Verso in Zaragoza a few years in the past, as a result of rappers have all the time been large followers of the chantantes. It was one thing that caught our consideration lots, we all the time puzzled why we bought alongside so nicely with these individuals who, in precept, didn't have a lot to do with us. At that point there have been some very absurd information that we by no means knew the reason for. For instance, we went to Asturias and we have been the Beatles, however in Andaluca we didn't work nicely. The truth is that the rappers have been chanantes and after we carried out in Zaragoza, many occasions they got here to see us, we partied and now, so a few years later, I’ve reconnected with them, even with a cameo by Kase.O within the film. Life… That's why performing is sweet, as a result of it permits you to do issues that you simply by no means thought you’ll expertise.

It's been greater than 20 years and I nonetheless see chantantes throughout. You have positioned your self splendidly.
I like getting a job, as a result of it's how our dad and mom talked after they apprehensive concerning the future: “Let's see if you get a job in a good company and that's it…”. Well, sure, we’ve got gotten excessive. Not in useless, in 'Methuselah' there are three of us: Carlos [Areces]Ral [Cimas] me too. The three of us hadn't labored collectively since 'Return to Lilifor'. While we have been all associates and had widespread pursuits, every certainly one of us was drawn to 1 universe greater than one other, to Ernesto [Sevilla] or Ral plus the comedy, to Joaquín [Reyes] extra writing and directing… however we're all nonetheless there. It's a miracle, we didn't see it coming both. We began with the thought of ​​”let's see what happens and then we'll get to work seriously.” And he seems to be…
You simply wished to have amusing, however you had an incredible cultural impression in your era that also lasts. Does it impress you?
It's true. If I'm trustworthy, it impresses me, it makes me very blissful and I don't give it some thought besides when others remind me of it. My associates typically inform me: “Look at this ad, look at this skit, look at this phrase, your influence is obvious.” And then I discover and also you say: “Well, it's true, I'll have to agree with you.” In the top, foolishly, we’ve got caught on.
If you needed to guess which means you’ll shoot, would you will have stated the efficiency?
Yes. In these beginnings, after we had been in 'La hora chanante' for a number of years and, above all, after the leap that 'Muchachada Nui' represented, which was shifting to Spanish Television with extra media, extra work, extra conferences, extra considering …I started to see that that is what was occurring to me. I can let you know precisely when it turned clear to me. At a celebration in a membership, I used to be chatting with Joaquín and he advised me: “Dude, I see that you're getting more and more interested in the characters.” And I agreed with him: “Yes, yes, what I want most in the program is to have a character and see how I build him, how he would walk, how he would laugh…”. They have been characters that lasted little or no within the sketches, however I had that need and I feel that night time he detected it, I detected it and the remainder detected it: “Being an actor is what draws me the most.” Which doesn't imply that I noticed choices, as a result of then I by no means thought they have been going to name me for a film.
And right here you might be, a film star.
Imagine the 'Girls' that we might have finished with these budgets… Seeing myself right here surprises me and, above all, I admire it. He has handed in a pure and progressive means, which I additionally like. 'La hora chanante', 'Muchachada', first participations in collection, little by little larger roles in movies… It was a course of and never an prompt growth like those who happen a lot now with platforms and profitable collection. In my case, the items have been falling into place, there have been peaks and valleys and all of this has allowed me to take it naturally. Now, whenever you get to the purpose the place you may headline film posters, you're like, “Holy shit, what the hell happened here?”
You're on the marquee throughout the road.
Yes, sure. It nonetheless appears tremendous unusual to me, don't consider it. In December, with 'Eight Moroccan Surnames', they put up an enormous canvas of the movie within the plaza of the Dominican Republic. Those days I had my dad and mom and my sisters visiting my home and I confess that we went there with the automobile and I made the roundabout a number of occasions whereas my sister recorded a video. It was such a big canvas with my face on it that it appeared surreal to us. You by no means get used to these issues.
We began by speaking about how within the film you sing and we’ve got to keep in mind that you, by coaching, are a musician.
Yes, I play the horn, the factor is that that is completely different. Both my coaching and virtually all the things I play is classical music, from there to beginning to rap goes a great distance…
Qu pensarn tus profesores del Conservatorio?
I’ve an excellent relationship with some and they’ll absolutely say: “But this idiot, what is he doing?” [risas]. In the previous few movies my characters have had a musical element: this one, in 'Operation Camarón' in 'Eight Moroccan Surnames' I had some dance, within the subsequent one to be launched, the character can also be a musician… In the top I’m unifying the 2 worlds. In 'Methuselah' I used to be very nervous about this subject as a result of it was essential that the character not be disguised or be a man who makes him common. He was obsessive about actual rappers saying, “Okay, this guy raps.” I advised David [Galn Galindo, director de la pelcula]: “This guy has to dress like a motherfucker, have style and rap well, then he'll have to get his nonsense, but he'll be a real rapper.” Both David himself, who’s a rapper, and Quiroga and Haze helped me lots. We went to his studio, we did some checks there and so they gave me their blessing as a result of he was shit. In the top, rhythm, melody, silences… You have musicality.

López, making associates.JAVI MARTINEZ

Your character is a textbook Peter Pan, one thing quite common in our era of forty-somethings, then again.
Yes and I defend it. I think about myself Peterpanesque, however I see that the time period is a bit reviled and I don't know why. You can resist getting older and be mature within the issues you might want to be. It shouldn’t be incompatible. I love to do issues when I’m younger as a result of I look good bodily, as a result of I like life, I like assembly individuals, studying, writing, enjoying soccer, watching motion pictures, going out… I like all of that and I hope it lasts, not less than I'm going to do it. all the things doable. There are individuals to whom this appears infantile, however it’s not. If that is the leisure we like, why not do all of it our lives?
I feel that battle is gained. When I am going out at night time, I’ve the sensation that there are extra individuals of their 40s than of their 20s.
Yes, our means of seeing life has been established, though there are nonetheless Astrix villages on the market the place they’d have a look at us badly. They would say: “Why don't these immature people go home and grow up?” And it’s a must to reply them: “I'm not going to leave, we have chosen this life, we can afford it and that's it. That's how I am, leave people alone, stop telling us what we have to do and putting labels on them.” We don't damage anybody by wanting to remain younger!
How do you assess the everlasting shadow of abuse over the world of cinema?
It could be very unhappy, very disagreeable and I’m glad that you simply requested me as a result of I listened to Estbaliz Urresola, director of '20,000 species of bees', about this subject that’s requested particularly to girls and she or he want to know extra concerning the opinions of males. . I defend that those that do that don’t signify us males and so they have to be pursued to the final penalties. Luckily, I’ve been surrounded by girls since I used to be born, I’ve three sisters, an exquisite mom, a wonderful relationship with my grandmothers, now I’ve two nieces… They are all girls and I’ve a really developed female aspect. All these items ought to by no means have existed, they don’t slot in my head and I can not conceive them, seeing a lady as a being equal to me shouldn’t be one thing that I think about as a result of it’s pure, it can’t be another means. Therefore, all these instances make me sick and go away us very unhealthy. They appear to outline the person and I feel he’s not like that.
They don't outline us all, nevertheless it's not anecdotal.
That is the issue and what we males have failed in: when you understand that one thing shouldn’t be proper, you see it round you and, as an alternative of reporting it, you step away a bit and look the opposite means. For a very long time, males have finished that with sexist attitudes, we’ve got normalized issues which are objectively flawed. For a while now, I discover that we’re reacting and starting to behave. I’ve finished it in sure circles the place I’ve not favored attitudes in direction of girls: “I don't like this, stop doing it and I'll leave here because I don't want to be with you.” I firmly consider that we should denounce all the things we see in order that sexists stay remoted and stop to exist.
You are an eminently critical man.
I’ve time for all the things, however I clown a lot in my skilled life that it finally ends up tiring. It's a bit bit like that concept of ​​the unhappy clown, it occurs to a lot of our colleagues. In the sphere of fiction, I’m delighted to all the time be joking, however with my household and associates I don't all the time really feel like laughing. Life shouldn’t be solely pleasure and I’ve heard a number of opera, there’s a number of tragedy there [risas]…So many occasions I get tragic as a result of I see magnificence, however, after all, clarify this to somebody who is aware of you want Vicentón or Juancalitros.
That expectation must be a ache.
I typically say issues severely and so they take me without any consideration. “Hey, can you please get out of there, I have to move the car?” “Hahahaha, how horny!” “No, damn it, it's a real emergency situation, please.” “I'm leaving.” And so. That is a sentence.