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” Ofthen how many years was the first Jewish community established in the territory which today constitutes Germany? For about 300, 700, 1,150 or 1,700 years. » “What is the Jewish house of prayer called? Basilica, mosque, synagogue, church. » “How does Germany have a special responsibility towards Israel? Because it is a member of the EU, because of crimes committed under National Socialism, under the Basic Law, by Christian tradition. »

These are three of the ten new multiple choice questions that German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser wants to add to the test imposed on all those who want to become German. “Anyone who does not share our values,” declared the social democrat in an interview with the weekly Der Spiegel, cannot apply for a German passport. On this point we have drawn a very clear red line. Anti-Semitism, racism and any form of contempt for humanity exclude the possibility of being naturalized. »

Anti-Semitic attacks on the rise in Germany

This measure is a response to the rise in anti-Semitism since the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023. The number of verbal and physical attacks against Jews has continued to increase in recent months. Protection of synagogues and Jewish cultural institutions has been strengthened.

“Germany, recalled the minister, has a particular responsibility towards the Jews and the State of Israel after the Holocaust, a crime against humanity that it committed. » For Nancy Faeser, “this responsibility of Germany” constitutes part of the “identity of the country” and applicants for German nationality must be aware of this and knowingly adhere to it.

This project comes as Germany has just relaxed, on January 19, the conditions for access to German nationality, increasing from 5 to 8 years the number of years of residence in Germany necessary to have the right to to apply.

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Exceptions could even be made to recognize particular integration efforts. The procedure could be accelerated for foreigners who stand out for their good knowledge of German, their work or their voluntary commitment. They can be naturalized after having lived in Germany for only three years.

Having been convicted of an anti-Semitic or racist act immediately blocks access to German nationality. For certain crimes, naturalization service employees must now inquire with the attorney general to find out whether an anti-Semitic motive has been detected.

Germany is a country that does not easily grant passports. In 2022, 168,500 people were naturalized. Despite successive reforms to the right of naturalization, many people of foreign origin – Turks in particular – have lived for years, even decades, in Germany without being entitled to a passport.

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The limits of this new naturalization take a look at

The effectiveness of this well-intentioned new catalog stays to be confirmed. This initiative dangers being lowered to a symbolic gesture. The solutions to the ten questions may be realized by coronary heart and no claimant for German citizenship can be silly sufficient to disclaim the Holocaust on this take a look at. From the catalog of round 100 questions proposed, you could have between 17 and 33 appropriate solutions to cross the take a look at.

The minister might assert that adherence to Germany's values ​​have to be “clear and credible”, however it is going to be straightforward to slide by way of the cracks of this new internet. “The aim of this modification,” specifies the Ministry of the Interior, “is to permit those that are making ready for the naturalization take a look at to be confronted with these themes and to mirror on them throughout take a look at preparation programs. » What we’d like, skeptics remind us, is extra schooling, and that for everybody on this nation. They level out that anti-Semitism will not be restricted to Muslim foreigners, however can be extensively unfold amongst Germans.