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Dn the hemicycle, the deputies of the ruling coalition are rubbing their fingers. They succeeded in passing the legislation authorizing the federal government to shut Al-Jazeera: 71 votes for, 10 towards. The results of the vote is ultimate. As quickly because the textual content was permitted, Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi, the spearhead of this laws, didn’t train restraint.

From the platform of the Knesset, he promised “in the very next few days” the cessation of the broadcasting of the Qatari channel in Israel. “There will be no freedom of expression in Israel for Hamas spokespersons,” he mentioned earlier than including: “Through this law, we have put in place an effective and efficient tool. swift action against those who use freedom of the press to undermine Israel's security, our soldiers and incite terrorism in times of war. »

Statements taken up, in one form or another, by the leaders of the ruling coalition. Starting with Benjamin Netanyahu. While describing Al-Jazeera as a “mouthpiece for Hamas” and a “terrorist channel”, he affirmed his intention to behave instantly to shut it.

A report from the safety companies

But what does this legislative textual content, already referred to as “Al-Jazeera law” say? In reality, it authorizes the top of presidency and his Minister of Communications to order the non permanent closure of any international channel working in Israel, the confiscation of its tools and the banning of its web site, if it seems that it “threatens the security of the State”. It is the Minister of Communications who has the facility to subject such orders, however on one situation: having obtained prior approval from the Prime Minister and the safety cupboard.

READ ALSO Al-Jazeera, the tv channel serving the “Palestinian resistance” All this, on the premise of a safety companies report detailing “the factual basis” of the accusations in response to which the incriminated channel undermines Israeli nationwide safety. Once this process is adopted, any order to close down a international information channel should be reviewed inside twenty-four hours by a district court docket.

The judges will then have three days to announce their choice, with out the choice of cancellation however with the potential of modifying the closure interval which, in response to the legislation, is forty-five days renewable a number of occasions, all the time in increments of forty-five days. . Last level: that is, in precept, a legislation restricted in time. It is because of expire on July 31, or earlier if the federal government decides to carry the state of emergency.

Put stress on Qatar

For years, Israeli leaders have complained about Al-Jazeera whose protection, they are saying, is closely influenced by Hamas. But the day after October 7, the workplace of the Minister of Communications moved up a gear by publishing a press release in favor of closing the channel in Israel: “We have proof that it helps the enemy by broadcasting, throughout the world, pro-Hamas propaganda, in Arabic and English, even going so far as to transmit sensitive information to the enemy. » Accusations that remained unanswered, whether from those responsible for the channel or the Qatari government.

READ ALSO Al-Jazeera, the Arab causes channel that has become a “military barracks” It was not till final February that the legislation was handed at first studying by Parliament. Five months throughout which Al-Jazeera was spared. A delay in ignition which, in response to diplomatic sources, could possibly be defined by the will of the Israeli authorities to not annoy the Qatari mediators. Instead, Israel reportedly despatched messages to the leaders in Doha asking them to average Al-Jazeera's protection.

So why this variation of coronary heart on the a part of Benjamin Netanyahu and his authorities? Disappointed by Qatar's angle within the negotiations for a brand new settlement on the discharge of hostages in trade for that of Palestinian prisoners, the Israeli authorities want to improve stress on Doha in order that Qatar in flip makes use of its affect on the Hamas. A lever mechanism that some specialists in Israel don’t consider in, satisfied that it’s going to don’t have any affect.

Violation of press freedom

The reality stays that this new textual content restricts freedom of expression and a few are apprehensive about it. Starting with the United States. Very rapidly, the White House spokesperson denounced it in his personal manner: “We believe in freedom of the press. This is vitally important. The United States supports the work of journalists around the world, including those reporting on the conflict in Gaza. »

For its part, the Israeli Association for Citizens' Rights has not spared its criticism. While speaking of a political measure aimed at allowing the government to sanction any foreign channel whose speech it does not like, the association denounces a serious violation of press freedom: “It is the direct extension of the reform judicial system that undermines the courts and the media, while using war and national security as justifications. »

READ ALSO Hamas-Israel war: Qatar, a formidable intermediaryOn the public side, those who support the ruling coalition believe that the measure should have been taken long ago. As for the anti-Bibi, they are busy demanding the immediate return of the hostages, the resignation of the Prime Minister and his government and the holding, as quickly as possible, of new elections.

Israeli viewers who watch Al-Jazeera or other foreign channels are quite few in number. What they see from Gaza is what the Israeli channels want to show them; that is to say the war from a single angle: that of the army. The idea that the “Al-Jazeera law” might apply to their media doesn’t happen to them in the meanwhile.