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Aragonés declares that he’ll defend the amnesty within the Senate to “troll the PP”

The president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Pere Aragonès, has introduced that he’ll go to the Senate Communities Commission on Monday to defend the amnesty. “The amnesty must be defended everywhere,” he stated, along with the truth that, he identified, the presence of ERC within the Senate “generates discomfort for the PP” and “as an independentist, republican and leftist, trolling the PP is always desirable.” ”.

In an interview on SER Catalunya, Aragonès justified his presence on Monday within the Senate in protection of the amnesty, which is “absolutely necessary.” “It must be defended in all areas, especially in hostile terrain,” as he described Monday's session, because of the truth that it’s chaired by the PP, “with the participation of presidents of autonomous communities governed by the PP and by Vox.” “I believe that the amnesty is necessary, that it must serve to end a repression that at the time was encouraged very clearly by the PP and, therefore, to end the 'go for them', we will go and defend it to all the lands. And if the PP wanted to turn Monday's session into a coven against the government of the Spanish State, as it tried to do on another occasion, listen, as an independentist, republican and leftist, I always feel like trolling the PP, but above all what I feel like “It is to defend the amnesty mission.”

Insisted by the interviewer about trolling, he explained: “Well, our presence at all times makes them uncomfortable, as a result of they don't like to listen to what they don't need to hear and now they’ve to listen to that amnesty is important.”

In the interview, he also justified the early call of the regional elections by saying that “we can not depart the nation in a scenario of blockade.” He has positioned the duty for this blockade on Junts per Catalunya, the social gathering led by Carles Puigdemont, and En Comú-Podem, for voting towards the budgets that ERC had agreed with Salvador Illa's PSC. “Junts and Comunes have wasted an opportunity,” denounced the ERC chief.