Naia, the cat misplaced like a suitcase on the Tenerife airport: “They told us that they didn't know where she was and that we should get off the plane” | EUROtoday

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Last Sunday, March 31, within the midst of the frenzy for the return of Holy Week, Roco Bienert And his brother lvaro They returned to Madrid from the Tenerife airport. They additionally did it with the 2 cats of Álvaro, a health care provider, who a number of months in the past had discovered a spot in a hospital within the capital and was taking the chance to maneuver together with his pets after a number of years on the island. It was the final time he noticed Naia, the cat he had adopted 5 years earlier than and had taken, exactly, to Tenerife.

“My brother went to live there and took the kitten,” Roco, who shared his story on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon, explains to EL MUNDO. “Once we got our tickets, he had called Iberia several times and they didn't give him an answer: They just told him to go to the counter. and that depends on the number of animals that were already on the flight,” the story continues. Finally, after 4 calls they determined to go the identical day with each cats, Naia and Gofio, whom that they had already adopted in Tenerife.

At the airport they didn't have any issues, they weighed the animals within the transport and charged them “145 euros for each cat“Once completed, they had been accompanied to a passage space – “like entry control, but for animals” – and “several operators” ready all the things. At this second, Roco was shocked, they opened and closed the transporters a number of occasions and they didn’t detect any error. Furthermore, Bienert stories that that they had not encountered any issues taking the cats within the automotive to the airport both. It was the final time they noticed Naia.

Once on the airplane, “a very young and very nervous boy appeared saying that the transport does not meet the requirements nor was it approved to carry animals“This shocked them as a result of that they had already put tags on it and, in precept, that they had allowed it to fly. “They said that we had to leave to keep the cat because it couldn't fly with that carrier; “He may open the door and exit into the cellar and die.”

At that moment they proposed to the captain that he take both animals in the same transport, fly with the animal in the cabin or that a relative who lives in Tenerife come to pick up the cat and delay his move. “That's after they inform us that the cat is lacking, who has escaped and who’s in 'the patio'“, remembers Bienert.

“A superior of his appeared, [y nos dijo] that he has escaped and doesn't know the place he’s and that considered one of us has to get off the airplane,” he recalls. Since the other animal could continue the journey and since his brother had to work the next day, Roco got off, that shortly after he would discover that the situation was going to get even more complicated.

“They advised us that he was cornered, that there was just one manner out, however that if he got here out that manner his teammates would see him,” he explains. She was “anxious” to get to that patio because she believed that upon hearing her voice the cat would appear. “When the operator accompanies me, he places me in a automotive, takes me by way of an space with suitcase ramps and He takes me out to the runway the place all of the planes are.“. That was the yard: the takeoff and landing runway. “In reality, one of many operators advised me that it’s so harmful that if it crossed the runway they usually noticed it from the management tower, they must cease all flights,” he continues. Roco.

After several hours wandering around – “because of the noise of the airplane's engines it was unimaginable to entry areas the place it could possibly be hidden,” he claims – Roco decided to also return to Madrid, but first he asked to take a photo of the transport. When I got back to the luggage area I found the other cat, Gofio, who was “curled up on the mattress, he had peed.” “Because I went to ask, If not, I arrive in Madrid and we don't have the opposite cat both.“she complains. “We don't perceive something.” Gofio returned to the cabin with her.

“Regardless of whether or not it’s my cat, the ache it produces and what it might be struggling, it’s harmful for that to occur,” laments the affected person. “We went by way of animal management with three operators trying on the transport, opening and shutting it and nobody advised us something,” she insists. “You can’t be on a airplane and have them deceive you and inform you that the transport isn’t permitted after which inform you that the cat has escaped; it appears very severe to me.” The animal, she insists, “It is a dwelling being, first, after which there’s the emotional bond it has with an individual.“. “It's a part of the household.”

Now, three days later, they are in contact with the operators, who also have their relative's phone number and claim “that they’ve seen him a number of occasions.” On one occasion they sent him a photo of a cat, but it wasn't Naia. Beyond these communications, they have had no news from the company, even though her brother filed a complaint as soon as she arrived in Madrid: “No one has contacted us.” After publishing his story on social networks, he did receive a message from the company in which they asked for the information of his brother, who was the one who paid for the animals, and, through an animal rights association, they are also trying to get him Aena provided them with recordings from the airport to understand what happened.

Sources from Iberia Express explain to EL MUNDO that “Naia's disappearance was detected when he was going to be transferred to the airplane and that’s the reason, earlier than taking off, one of many shoppers was requested to stay in Tenerife to collaborate within the search duties.” “.

In addition, they level out that they’ve requested the collaboration of the SOS FELINA protector and that “all airport workers are warned to be alert in case it appears.” Likewise, additionally they element that “several devices have been deployed in the baggage yard to try to recover the animal during the night, when the airport is closed and the absence of noise makes it more likely that Naia could appear.” The firm's dedication, they are saying, is to “continue the search for as long as necessary.”

“We don't have much hope,” Bienert acknowledges, though they continue to be attentive “waiting for the miracle,” he says with stunning calm. When I advised it to his mates, “they told me that if it happened to them, the airport would burn.” “I don't want it to burn, I want my cat back“.