London Palestine protest LIVE: Thousands take to the streets as Met Police on guard | UK | News | EUROtoday

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Commander Colin Wingrove mentioned: “The conflict between Israel and Hamas continues to have a far reaching impact across communities including here in London.

“We recognise that there will likely be some who really feel this march shouldn’t be allowed to happen in any respect.

“We work to the law. Parliament has determined that there are only very rare and specific circumstances when an application can be made to the Home Secretary for a protest to be banned. It requires a real risk of serious disorder and neither the intelligence picture nor the conversations we have had with organisers give us reason to believe that threshold will be met today.

“The rights of individuals to specific their views via protest should be protected and our officers will guarantee they’re, however anybody who abuses these rights and makes use of them as a chance to commit offences or to advertise hate can anticipate to face police motion.

“We have set out our expectations clearly in discussions with the organisers of both demonstrations. We expect them to manage their events and we expect participants to remain within the law. If they do not, officers will act positively to intervene, to investigate and to deal with allegations.

“There have been plenty of cases at protests in current months the place actions have taken place which might be distasteful to many, however that don’t cross the road into criminality. Our position is to police with out worry or favour proper as much as the road of the regulation, however our powers don’t lengthen to policing style and decency, regardless of our view of what’s being mentioned.

“Where that line into criminality is crossed, we will step in. Anyone seen to be supporting a proscribed group, using hate speech, trying to directly interfere with the other protest or committing other offences will be dealt with by officers.”