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The National Lottery Extra Draw towards most cancers, which was held this Saturday, April 6, distributed three important prizes, a number of extra prizes and likewise rewarded quite a few finishes.

The first prize within the National Lottery Draw has been for the quantity 72271 which receives one and a half million euros for the sequence and has been bought in Teruel capital.

Among the remainder of the primary prizes of the draw, the second prize for the 37496, which has distributed 300,000 euros per sequence and was distributed in Granada, Gijón, Murcia and Toledo. The third prize went to 07316 which has left 150,000 euros per sequence and has performed in Albacete, Valencia and Estepona (Málaga).

The Extraordinary National Lottery Draw of the Spanish Association towards Cancer (AECC) emerged as a collaborative venture in 1989, European Year Against Cancer, to assist these affected by the illness.

In 2023, due to Lotteries, 6,900 folks had been helped and greater than 2,100 used the Association's residences and residences distributed all through Spain. In this fashion, a complete of 9,000 folks obtained care due to the contribution of SELAE, by means of which analysis and social providers packages, residences and shelters and social care may also be carried out.

National Lottery Draw with cancer
National Lottery Draw with most cancers

All the prizes of the Extra Draw towards Cancer

  • 72271> First prize: 150,000 euros for the tenth
  • 37496> Second prize: 30,000 euros for the tenth
  • 07316> Third prize: 15,000 euros for the tenth prize
  • 38095, 89503, 12696, 95468, 93246, 88080, 48006, 88797, 96209, 91007, 90068, 24554> Five-figure completions (12 extractions): 7,500 euros per tenth
  • 6883, 3789, 2398, 2158> Four-figure endings (4 extractions): 375 euros per tenth
  • 233, 777, 673, 628, 076, 340, 459, 188, 870, 690, 581> Three-digit completions (11 extractions): 75 euros per tenth
  • 88, 59, 15, 80, 44> Two-digit endings (5 extractions): 30 euros per tenth
  • 1, 2, 8> Refunds: Winners obtain the overall quantity performed for every successful tenth

Where and when to gather the prizes from the National Lottery Draw towards most cancers?

The winners of the National Lottery attracts have a interval of three months to gather the quantities and it may be achieved in any respect licensed State Lottery and Betting factors of sale.

To test when you have been awarded any of the prizes from the Extraordinary Draw towards most cancers, you possibly can seek the advice of the official web site of State Lotteries and Betting or the EL PAÍS web site as soon as the draw has concluded.