The Argentine Justice will research whether or not to order the arrest of Nicols Maduro and Diosdado Cabello | EUROtoday

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The Argentine Justice reopened this Friday an investigation into the tasks of the regime of Nicols Maduro in crimes “against humanity” to resolve whether or not to order the arrest of the Venezuelan leaders.

“It is appropriate to assume the universal jurisdiction and extraterritorial jurisdiction of the judicial bodies of the Argentine Republic for their due judgment,” the judges maintained. Leopoldo Bruglia, Pablo Bertuzzi and Mariano Llorens, members of the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires.

The ruling refers to crimes of “extreme seriousness” that require motion with out “delay or delay” to counterbalance what it defines as “criminal actions” of the Venezuelan regime. The investigation has its origins in a criticism filed by the “Clooney Foundation for Justice”, the inspiration of the american actor George Clooney.

Among these accused -subject to investigation- by the Argentine Justice embody “Nicols Maduro Moros, Diosdado Cabello and all those identified as responsible (…) for serious violations of human rights and crimes against humanity.”

With the choice of the attraction courtroom, the case returns to the palms of the decide Sebastian Ramos, who had determined to inhibit himself in favor of International Criminal Court (CPI) and file the case. The ICC already has an open case investigating human rights violations in Venezuela. The prosecutor appealed the decide's determination and the chamberlains agreed with him.

According to Nacin, The case was initiated “due to a complaint by the victims of repression in Venezuela With Stephen Gillis Townley, de la ‘Clooney Foundation for Justice'”.

“The complainants mentioned that two Venezuelan citizens were executed by agents of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB). They even pointed out that the immediate perpetrators would have been convicted by the Venezuelan justice system, but the search for those who intervened in the chain of command within the GNB would have been paralyzed.

The relationships between Caracas y Buenos Aires They are in the worst state in a long time. Six collaborators of the opposition leader Mara Corina Machado They are in the Argentine embassy in Caracas and both governments negotiated a safe passage for their departure from the country.