ABBA ‘blessed by love from followers’ – Waterloo fiftieth ‘troublesome to understand’ | Music | Entertainment | EUROtoday

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It was 50 years in the past in the present day on April 6, 1974 when Swedish band ABBA gained the Eurovision Song Contest held within the UK with their hit tune Waterloo.

Having offered lots of of thousands and thousands of information worldwide, the band reunited for the primary time in 40 years in 2021 with a brand new album and digital live performance residency ABBA Voyage which continues performing to this present day.

ABBA wrote a joint assertion on social media in the present day marking the Waterloo victory’s fiftieth anniversary.

The band mentioned: “It’s slightly dizzying and deeply humbling to think that millions of you who saw us for the first time in the Eurovision final 1974 have passed our music on not only to one generation, but to several.

“We see evidence of that every time one of us visits ABBA Voyage in London and it’s because of this we can celebrate the 50th anniversary of that event in the knowledge that our songs still resonate around the world.”

ABBA continued: “It’s difficult to comprehend that 50 years have gone by since the four of us waited backstage for the verdicts of all the juries around Europe at the Dome in Brighton. So what were our dreams during those suspenseful moments or in the chaos in the aftermath of the victory we had secured with the smallest margin in Eurovision history? Four different dreams, no doubt, but whatever they were, however grand, reality has surpassed them, that’s for sure.

“Many of you were there from the very start and have followed us ever since – for over half a century! Music you discover and learn to love when you grow up or even later in life has a way of staying with you forever. We share that experience with you and to know that our music has become a constant in your lives is a wonderful thing.”

ABBA added: “Throughout the years we have been blessed with the outpouring of love from you, our fans. We feel it and we want to know that hardly a day goes by when we’re not reminded of it. To say thank you for what you’re giving us without sounding trivial is not easy and this is not a moment of triviality.

“It is a happy and at the same time solemn moment and we can only hope that you understand how deeply grateful we are for a long, successful career and for your steadfast loyalty and support through the years. Thank you!” – Agentha, Björn, Benny, Anni-Frid.