Hamas-Israel warfare, Gaza, hostages, Netanyahu… What is the state of affairs six months after the October 7 assaults? | EUROtoday

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VSt's been simply six months, on April 7, since Hamas set fireplace to the Middle East and Israel discovered itself plunged into the longest warfare in its historical past. A warfare that might unfold additional: the area lives to the rhythm of the escalation between Israel and Iran, following the bombing by Israeli plane of the Iranian consulate in Damascus, on 1er april.

The strike killed a number of commanders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, together with General Mohammad Reza Zahedi, who oversaw operations of the Islamic Republic's armed wing in Syria and Lebanon. To the fury of Tehran which guarantees cruel reprisals, Jerusalem responds, via the voice of its Defense Minister Yoav Gallant: “We will retaliate in sectors that the enemy is aware of, but additionally in people who…