How is the warfare in Gaza utilized by dictators? | EUROtoday

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” L'association […] undertakes to ensure that the zakah tax arrives in Gaza within the legal religious deadlines. » Followed by a RIB, an email, a telephone number, etc. It was a friend who told me about it: announcements to raise “religious” alms, zakât, generally collected during Ramadan, are increasing in Algeria. It's a tradition. But this time, the calls are aimed at paying these religious “taxes” for the benefit of the victims of Gaza. We understand that solidarity is human and that the unbearable images coming from this region of the world weigh on our consciences. But we also understand that opportunism is greatly invigorated.

Those who’re behind these well-targeted “collections” and with the “gasa” impact are sometimes Islamists, and extra exactly an Islamic celebration…

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