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Ihe had promised it to Point in 2019: “I wish to obtain Megalopolis earlier than dying “. In 2024, the bet is fulfilled: after 40 years of chaotic gestation, filming of almost five months in the greatest secrecy and post-production requiring, it is said, the cream of new technologies, Francis Ford Coppola's new film is finished ready. This is his 23rd feature film and his first since Minimalist Twixt, released 13 years ago. In other words, a historic event. The rumor has been hesitant in recent weeks: “homemade” anticipation blockbuster, produced for 130 million dollars with the maestro's own funds, Megalopolis Would he rather go “to Cannes” or “to Venice”? The Cannes marches will ultimately be good, according to the magazine Variety and the DeadLine site, information confirmed at Point by someone close to the filmmaker. Thierry Frémaux must make it official this Thursday, April 11 by revealing the selection. According to American media, the screening will take place on May 17.

For Cannes, the return of Pope Coppola in majesty to the Croisette, 45 years after the Palme d'Or won by the person concerned for Apocalypse Now50 years after that of Secret conversation, is a big blow, even a blessing. Added to this are other confirmed shots, which are already making us dizzy: the world premiere of Kevin Costner's new western and the presence of George Lucas for a Palme d'Honneur.

Futuristic peplum of all risks

Already shown on March 28 on the Imax screen of the Universal City Walk cinema in Los Angeles, at 10 a.m., in front of 300 people hand-picked by the director, the film aroused, as was to be expected, as many delirious praise among the guests than much more acerbic comments behind the scenes. Reported in a recent article in Hollywood Reporter, the most severe drawbacks point to a film deemed “too experimental”, “not adequate” to merit the colossal investment of a theatrical release (a shame considering the filmmaker's ambitions) but also weighed down by a script impossible to market to the general public. Our American colleagues also report a “heavy silence” which would have followed the end of the projection.

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“This film is like Einstein and relativity in 1905, Picasso and Guernica in 1937, it’s a date in the history of cinemaA spectator of Megalopolis

For Francis Ford Coppola, Megalopolis, it will clearly be all or nothing. A coronation or a culotte for the brilliant engineer of the Godfather. Except that here, it is his own money that is in question, as at the time ofApocalypse Now and of Falling for something. By 1979, the former had enriched it and covered it with critical gold around the world. In 1981, the second had ruined him under the jeers, stopping his rise in Hollywood. Financed without any major studio, in part thanks to the mortgage of part of its famous Californian vineyards, Megalopolis once again combines high-risk stakes for Coppola, a magnificent creator with a life entirely devoted to the god Cinema. Not content to leave his shirt there in the event of a commercial failure or no return on investment, the director could also compromise his new desires for a comeback if, in Cannes, his new offering is hissed. But the fear of the precipice did not prevent the giant of the 7th art from writing, producing and directing this big budget of 2h15 as he wanted.

READ ALSO “Priscilla”: how Sofia Coppola recounts the journey of Elvis’ widow “This film is like Einstein and relativity in 1905, Picasso and Guernica in 1937, it’s a date in the history of cinema but obviously, it won’t please everyone” confides to Point a French supply, following a confidential screening of Megalopolis held final week in Europe. Also evoking the offended reactions of the general public in 1913 within the face of the unprecedented audacity of the Rite of Spring of Stravinsky, simply to spin the metaphor of damaged paradigms, our interlocutor additionally specifies that “Coppola wishes to make Megalopolis a simultaneous worldwide cinema release, which necessarily means its purchase by a major studio.” A partnership with the Imax agency is in sight and a theatrical launch deliberate for the top of summer time or the start of fall.

But if none of them purchase his new insanity, may the director then flip to a streaming platform? Already seen and permitted by Thierry Frémaux's staff, surprisingly chosen in competitors whereas Francis Ford Coppola is aware of very effectively that he probably solely has pictures to take, Megalopolis has actually not completed spilling all of the ink of the speculations.