UK climate – dwell: Littlehampton flooding sparks get to excessive floor warning as council says worst but to come back | EUROtoday

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Residents and holidaymakers have been instructed to “get to high ground” as extreme flooding sparks a mass evacuation in West Sussex – with the worst but to come back.

Over 200 folks had been evacuated in a single day in and round Littlehampton – together with 180 from a vacation park – as lots of of flood warnings cowl giant swathes of the nation.

Quite a lot of folks had been triaged at a close-by facility with one particular person being rushed to hospital after exhibiting indicators of hypothermia.

West Sussex County Council mentioned water ranges “have not yet receded”, warning that “flooding may increase throughout the day”.

The Fire and Rescue Service added that the following excessive tide was “due around lunchtime” and can be “slightly higher than the one we’ve had the other night”.

Elsewhere, seashore huts have been seen being dragged into the ocean in Bournemouth as a yellow climate warning for wind is issued by the Met Office.

It comes as giant swathes of the nation are on excessive alert with 106 flood warnings and 210 lesser flood alerts issued by the Environment Agency in England.


Pictures: Easter vacation breaks in ruins as St Ives hit by excessive climate

Athena Stavrou9 April 2024 12:21


Fire and rescue service warns highest water ranges nonetheless to come back

Residents have been warned that extra flooding is but to come back in West Sussex as residents are displaced following evacuations.

West Sussex County Council mentioned water ranges “have not yet receded”, warning that “flooding may increase throughout the day”.

On Tuesday morning, it mentioned “those who have been evacuated remain displaced”.

Jim Mackay, WSFRS group supervisor, mentioned the following excessive tide was “due around lunchtime” and can be “slightly higher than the one we’ve had the other night”.

In a video message posted on the social media platform X, he mentioned: “We are experiencing some very high tides at the moment and the next high tide is due around lunchtime which is actually slightly higher than the one we’ve had the other night.

“Our advice to anybody stuck or trapped by floodwater is to stay on high ground and contact the emergency services by calling 999.”

Athena Stavrou9 April 2024 11:53


Watch: Fire service warns water ranges to extend in the present day

The West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service have warned that they count on water ranges to extend this afternoon.

It comes as residents in and close to Littlehampton are being evacuated following excessive flooding in a single day.

Athena Stavrou9 April 2024 11:42


In photos: Rescue operation underway in West Sussex

Athena Stavrou9 April 2024 11:28


Business proprietor describes devastation following extreme flooding

A enterprise proprietor from Littlehampton mentioned one space of the city has been “devastated” by flooding after her mother and father, of their 70s, had been evacuated from their residence within the early hours of Tuesday.

Christine Coe, 54, the proprietor of Rita’s Diner in Rope Walk, mentioned her premises had been “luckily” untouched by the flood water however the state of affairs was “very bad”, and her husband’s workshops, the place he runs a basic automotive enterprise, had been “underwater”.

She instructed the PA information company: “Rope Walk is devastated. My parents are in their 70s, they live just off Rope Walk, and they are both shocked and dealing with being evacuated in the early hours of the morning.

“I’ve spoken with them, they’re staying with family at the moment, but they can’t come back to their bungalow because it’s underwater.

“My husband and his business partner’s two car units are underwater at the moment, they’re just trying to get one of the cars out as the water was over the height of the car wheels, it’s very bad down here.

“Where (Rita’s Diner) is situated, the water comes down the side of it, luckily, so it hasn’t actually come in yet, and I’m hoping it won’t come in on the next tide. My main concern is for the residents and all the other businesses.”

Athena Stavrou9 April 2024 11:14


Ambulance service confirms one taken to hospital

South East Coast Ambulance confirmed a “number of resources” had been despatched to assist evacuate and rescue a variety of folks from the location.

“We’ve assessed and triaged a number of people at a nearby facility. One person showing signs of hypothermia has been taken to hospital,” they mentioned on X.

Athena Stavrou9 April 2024 10:42


Hundreds of flood warnings in place

As extreme flooding sparks a rescue operation in West Sussex, giant swathes of the UK are additionally on excessive alert as lots of of flood warnings are in place.

The Environment Agency had 213 flood alerts and 100 flood warnings in place in England on Monday night. National Resources Wales has issued 13 flood warnings and 22 alerts.

Athena Stavrou9 April 2024 10:37


Resident in ‘disbelief’ after watching highway develop into engulfed by floodwater

A resident of Shoreham-by-Sea in West Sussex mentioned flooding within the city was “scary and unprecedented”, after he stayed awake till the early hours placing flood defences round his property.

Gareth Theobald, 36, instructed the PA information company: “I was out the front of the building and watching the water just get higher and higher and higher, and then helping or stopping traffic going into the floodwaters and then just watching in disbelief as the whole of Brighton Road and our multimillion-pound development was being engulfed by floodwaters.”

The industrial relations officer added: “The amount of water is scary and unprecedented and those houses opposite our development are lower-ground flats and they were all flooded under a foot or so of water.”

He mentioned he noticed vehicles “driving into the floods at speed as well and getting stuck” and that “residents in the streets (were) trying to do what they can”.

Athena Stavrou9 April 2024 10:26


Pictures: Severe flooding in West Sussex

flooding in Shoreham-by-Sea in West Sussex (Gareth Theobald/PA Wire)
(Gareth Theobald/PA Wire)
(Gareth Theobald/PA Wire)

Athena Stavrou9 April 2024 10:25


Fire and Rescue service launches rescue operation

West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service has launched a rescue operation as they warn residents to get “as high as possible” amid extreme flooding.

Our crews are supporting rescue operations in Littlehampton close to Ferry Road and Rope Walk the place the River Arun has burst its banks resulting in extreme flooding,” they wrote on X.

“Residents should remain in their properties if it is safe to do so and get as high as possible within their homes”

Athena Stavrou9 April 2024 10:08