George Lucas receives the Palme d'Or of Honor on the Cannes Film Festival | EUROtoday

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George Lucas receives the Palme d'Or of Honor on the subsequent Cannes Film Festival, in recognition of his “immense figure” as a director, producer and screenwriter, the group introduced this Tuesday.

The tribute to Lucas, 79 years previous, will happen on 25 of May subsequent in the course of the closing ceremony of the 77th version of the competition.

“Responsible for sagas like Star Wars o Indiana JonesGeorge Lucas has given forever to the box office success his letters of nobility“, and to viewers all over the world an unparalleled pleasure,” the organization said in a statement.

Last year, the Festival gave this tribute to American actors Harrison Ford y Michael Douglas.

“I’m actually honored by this particular recognitionwhich implies quite a bit to me,” said the filmmaker, who remembers that the Cannes Festival “has at all times occupied a particular place in my coronary heart.”

Lucas recalled that his first film, 'THX-1138', was already selected to be screened at Cannes in 1971 and that since then he has participated in the festival on numerous occasions, such as screenwriter, producer or director.

The festival evoked that with 'THX-1138', produced with the help of Francis Ford Coppola, Lucas planted on the screen some themes that have remained throughout his career, such as science fiction, the fight against destiny and uniformity or changing values ​​over the debate between good and evil.

Afterwards, I believed ‘American Graffiti’ (1973), an “ode to American youth” that launched the career of Harrison Ford, after which he embarked on his most ambitious project.

It was 'Star Wars' (1977), a “visionary intergalactic odyssey that reinvents the codes of cinematographic genres” that, as JRR Tolkien did with his books, he created his own geography, his own people and languages, his moral values ​​and even his vehicles.

This film “turned a genuine sociocultural phenomenon world, which continues to today,” the competition added.

Lucas's “incessant ardour” for technique also stands out, with the founding of the Light & Magic firm, that allowed him to become a pioneer of visual effects by being at the forefront of numerous technologies.

Lucas also contributed to the evolution of sound in stereo Thanks to his company THX and founded the famous animation studio Pixar, which revolutionized that format with the use of computers and which was acquired by the giant Disney in 2006.

Furthermore, George Lucas has been an “distinctive” producer, with the three 'Star Wars' trilogies, the Indiana Jones saga, which he created, but also with masterpieces such as 'Kagemusha', by the Japanese Akira Kurosawa.

The Cannes Film Festival is “delighted to pay tribute to one of many best personalities of up to date cinema, a person with a unprecedented profession that unites nice leisure and innovation, mythology and modernity, and cinephilia and expertise,” the assertion concluded.