Salman Rushdie describes the second of his stabbing in his first tv interview: “So it's you. Here you are” | EUROtoday

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The very first thing I believed Salman Rushdie when he noticed the person who stabbed him go up on that stage in New York it was: “So it's you. Here you are.” “I felt as if something came from the past and was trying to drag me back in time, if you like, back to that past, to kill me,” says the writer of Indian origin in his first televised interview after the assault he suffered on June 12. August 2022, and which value him his proper eye, awarded to this system 60 minutes from CBS.

“I was sitting stage right,” Rushdie recollects on digicam, whereas studying the pages of his newest ebook, Knife: Meditations after an assassination try, about to hit bookstores. “Out of the corner of my right eye (the last thing my right eye would see), I saw the man in black running towards me on the right side of the stalls. Black clothes, black mask. He was strong and short. A crouching missile.”

“I confess that I had once imagined my killer getting up in some public forum and coming for me in precisely that way. So the first thing I thought when I saw that murderous figure running towards me was: 'So it's you. Here you are.' “, he assures Rushdie.

After the assault, the author remained hospitalized for six weeks and underwent a number of operations. Finally, he misplaced his proper eye and feeling in a number of the fingers on his hand. “One of the surgeons who had saved my life said to me, 'First you were very unlucky and then you were very lucky.' I said, 'What's the lucky part?' and he said, 'Well, the lucky part is that he “The man who attacked you had no thought kill a person with a knife,” he says. Rushdie a Anderson Cooperhost of the American program in the preview that the network has shared of a program that will be broadcast next Sunday.

“I’ve what is known as post-traumatic stress dysfunction. I’m having many, many difficulties writing. I sit down to write down, and nothing occurs. I write, however it’s a mixture of vacancy and waste, issues that I write and delete the following day” , related the author of satanic verses to the weekly The New Yorker in February of last year. It was the first time that she spoke after the attack and she assured that she refused to “take the function of sufferer.”

The blockade ended and last fall Penguin Random House announced the publication of Knife: Meditations after an assassination attempt in a fortnight of passes. The author then stated that he felt “the necessity to write this ebook as a result of it was a technique to course of what occurred and reply to violence with artwork.”