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Emmanuel Macron visiting Guyana, in the village of Camopi, March 25, 2024.

They arrived on the Territorial Collectivity of Guyana (CTG), in Cayenne, dressed within the conventional costumes of the indigenous peoples of Guyana, to the sound of the drum, and left with cries of victory 5 hours later: on Saturday, the customary chiefs of the six “nations” Native Americans of the territory celebrated the adoption by the Congress of elected officers of a decision which marks progress within the recognition of the rights of their communities, victims of colonial historical past. These are the “Teko, Wayanas, Wayapis, Paykweneh, Arawak Lokono and Kali’nas”i.e. 15,000 Amerindians, out of 300,000 inhabitants in Guyana.

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“The scope of this resolution is five hundred and thirty-two years of resistance to colonization”explains in the beginning of the congress, in entrance of elected officers, Christophe Yanuwana Pierre, spokesperson for conventional chiefs “of the six surviving indigenous peoples of Guyana”he specifies.

The decrease a part of the face blackened by a pure dye used throughout ceremonies, it evokes specifically “the genocide”, “bacterial shock” with the arrival of European settlers, or “Indian men”non secular boarding colleges the place Native American youngsters have been forcibly acculturated from 1935 to 2023.

“Independent public authority”

“This need for recognition is a further step towards an offer of reparation linked to the historical violence which has forever marked the territory we share today”provides the spokesperson for the customary authorities.

The decision voted on Saturday outcomes from a proposal from Native American representatives negotiated with elected officers mandated by the CTG. In this doc, the Amerindians of Guyana request the “recognition of the notion of indigenous people”outlined specifically by the United Nations, which protects the particular rights and identities of those peoples however has nonetheless not been built-in into French regulation.

Despite all the things, the Amerindian communities of Guyana profit from 757,000 hectares of collective use rights zones, which shield the rights of searching, fishing, gathering and conventional actions and 5,000 hectares of concessions, for housing and agriculture .

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In accordance with worldwide regulation, indigenous peoples wish to go additional: within the decision, “indigenous lands”managed “exclusively” by indigenous peoples, “are declared inalienable, elusive, incommutable and non-transferable” and can’t “be sold, neither dismembered nor mortgaged”. The decision data the creation of a “Assembly of High Indigenous Authorities”a “independent public authority”in cost specifically “the execution of indigenous public policies”.

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