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In different occasions, the bullfighter Borja Ximelis would have returned to Alicante heat after a serious struggle. Unable throughout the complete struggle of the fourth bull, Ximelis starred in an actual farce on the time of killing and heard the three warnings.

Let them throw a bull into the corral in Madrid. The best humiliation for a bullfighter. Or not? Given the response of the general public, evidently it’s not an enormous deal. Just a number of whistles, 4 tango claps, and silence. It's over. To one thing else. The essence of this competition has been distorted a lot; The demand is so null right now that there is no such thing as a extra quarrels…

That fourth, a bull with a full beard, critical, like the complete bullfight of the Sánchez Herrero brothers, was a tame one which they tried to bloodbath on horseback, nevertheless it got here unfastened, all the time distracted, and put the banderilleros in deep trouble. Ximelis, who put the golf equipment in his first flip, on this he mentioned that mom and delegated to subordinates. Countless passes and solely three flags on the high.

Ximelis, who had spent 10 minutes passing to the noble and really mushy first, was much less silly with this one. Three exams already for the sword. Why conceal? The ambition and self-love of a bullfighter, sure sir. And if solely he had killed him shortly and nicely…

Nor was it the afternoon of the Mexican Eduardo Neyra, not more than happy and who was given a meek second who moved on the defensive, and a fifth as noble as he was weak and outcast.

Thus, the one passages of a sure high quality bore the signature of Mario Navas. The man from Valladolid made clear his good opinion of bullfighting in a number of unfastened assaults with the cape and in addition with the muleta, such because the genuflected starting of the duty to the meek third, who he attacked with conceitedness and with out class. The sixth had as a lot the Aristocracy and sophistication as he had little energy, in entrance of whom he left a bouquet of temperate and delightful naturals missing, after all, emotion.

Hnos. Sánchez Herrero / Ximelis, Neyra, Navas

Steers of Hnos. Sánchez Herrero, very nicely offered and uneven play: very noble and mushy 1st, fifth and sixth; the remainder meek and lackluster.

Borja Ximelis:—warning—half a thrust (silence); puncture, perpendicular thrust – warning -, puncture, very crossed thrust that stands guard, two loopy issues – second warning -, one other seven loopy issues – third warning – (slight whistles).

Eduardo Neyra: indifferent lunge (silence); indifferent lunge (silence).

Mario Navas: crossed lunge that takes guard and three descabellos (gentle claps); two jabs and a brief thrust (farewell palms).

Las Ventas bullring. Sunday, April 14. Around a fifth of admission (7,103 spectators, in response to the corporate).

All the tradition that goes with you awaits you right here.



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