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Employees in a hospitality enterprise in Seville. PHOTO: PACO PUENTES (EL PAÍS).PACO PUENTES

The million-dollar query within the Spanish labor market that specialists and politicians have been mulling over for 2 years is definitely two: How many everlasting, discontinuous employees are there? And what number of of them are energetic or inactive? Giving an correct reply to those questions shouldn’t be straightforward as a result of flaws in statistics.

Fedea, in a examine offered yesterday below the title How many are discontinuous everlasting employees? has put a determine on this query that shakes the labor market and has analyzed the failures and successes of every indicator. The doc, ready by the employment professional Florentino Felgueroso and the researcher Marcel Jansen, reveals that in Spain there have been 1.42 million workers with a contract of this kind on the finish of 2022. The determine, obtained by microdata of affiliation to Social Security, collected by the Continuous Sample of Working Lives (MCVL), reveals the nonetheless picture after 9 full months with the labor reform, which expanded the sector of utility of discontinuous everlasting jobs. The examine has detected that one in 4 is moonlighting (whether or not energetic or inactive).

These microdata are, within the opinion of Felgueroso and the remainder of the Fedea researchers, probably the most dependable of all these at the moment obtainable, though “they must also be refined by Social Security” in order that the info absolutely displays actuality.

However, in accordance with these figures, in 2022, 2.3 million discontinuous fastened contracts had been made (as already acknowledged within the Quarterly labor market observatory ready by BBVA Research, Fedea and Sagardoy Abogados), though the inventory of employees with this contractual modality after purifying the totally different labor relationships was 1.42 million workers talked about above. But the second query stays to be answered, what number of are energetic and what number of aren’t. The reply relies upon, after all, on the second through which the measurement is made. Thus, for instance, in mid-October of that 12 months, the height of discontinued everlasting employees who had been energetic, working in a job, was recorded, with simply over 900,000 in comparison with about 450,000 inactive on that date. But that hole was narrowing till on the finish of the 12 months there have been extra inactive employees (753,000 employees, of whom 518,000 had no different job) than those that had been energetic (731,000); and 64,000 had been concurrently in each conditions. Furthermore, this measurement reveals one other knowledge unknown till now: that 27% of the inventory of discontinuous everlasting workers had one other job registered with Social Security (salaried, self-employed or cooperative), of which the bulk (213,000) had been inactive and the remainder (170,400 ) had been energetic.

However, these figures from the affiliation historical past with the microdata of the Continuous Sample of Working Lives aren’t those who the Government has used to restrict the variety of discontinuous everlasting workers. In truth, Social Security makes use of its day by day affiliation measurement and the Vice President and Second Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, just lately used microdata from the Active Population Survey (EPA) to say that within the fourth quarter of 2023 there have been 55,300 inactive discontinuous everlasting employees. Although, Díaz's accounting failed so as to add one other 64,064 discontinuously completely unemployed, which positioned 119,354 individuals with a discontinuously everlasting contract who didn’t work in Spain. They are solely 15.5% of the entire quantity of people that at the moment had that kind of employment relationship, 770,589. The relaxation, 651,548, did work.

The totally different measurements

In mild of all this, the authors of this analysis element what every indicator measures of the three which were used so far and which present that it’s a fourth methodology, the one talked about above and that makes use of the microdata histories of affiliation, probably the most dependable of all.

The first of those indicators are the day by day affiliation collection printed every month by the General Treasury of Social Security, which solely supply discontinuous everlasting workers who’re registered (that’s, energetic in a job and never ready to be referred to as). According to those figures, in latest months, after the primary preliminary hires and the conversions from short-term to everlasting, the variety of property they provide is round a mean of between 800,000 and a million energetic discontinuous everlasting workers every month. But, by not together with discontinuous everlasting fixtures in inactivity, this registry, which is printed month-to-month, doesn’t supply the entire universe of discontinuous everlasting fixtures.

Secondly, these researchers, the collection of the Public Employment Service (SEPE) on candidates registered in public employment places of work “also do not offer sufficient disaggregation to know the exact number of applicants with a discontinuous fixed contract in inactivity.” This is as a result of this final group is included in a gaggle of claimants with an employment relationship, together with claimants in ERTE and people assigned to the social collaboration system, amongst others, with out detailing every. However, they specify that this generic group has grown by half 1,000,000 individuals for the reason that starting of the appliance of the labor reform, which is why they level out that “this growth does not seem to be attributable to the rest of the group's claimants.” In any case, the discontinued fastened demanders in inactivity solely represent part of the inactive inventory, these which were registered within the places of work. They wouldn’t embody those that don’t search employment by the SEPE or don’t should be registered to gather the profit as a result of they don’t meet the necessities or have already got one other job.

Finally, the third of those indicators, which is calculated with EPA microdata, does enable calculating the inventory of discontinuous fastened property, each in exercise and inactivity. But, in accordance with these researchers, the EPA “significantly underestimates both situations, especially those of those who are in periods of inactivity, for methodological reasons.” Specifically, Felgueroso has defined that there are two circumstances that generate this distortion. Firstly, since it’s a survey, the one that solutions it doesn’t must be the one who has a everlasting, discontinuous contract and in lots of instances, the one that solutions solely has the notion that it’s a short-term reasonably than intermittent job. And, secondly, the EPA solely measures the contractual modality of the primary employment, so if the discontinuous everlasting employment is the secondary one, it isn’t mirrored.

Therefore, Fedea has reiterated that the conduct of discontinuous everlasting workers measured by the Continuous Sample of Working Lives, with out being 100% dependable, is the one that almost all carefully approximates what is occurring. Because, as well as, it permits us to investigate whether or not the the explanation why these contracts finish are a related phenomenon, and, above all, how they happen most often, whether or not by voluntary abandonment or dismissal. In the occasion that voluntary abandonments enhance – which already symbolize half of the breaches of the contractual relationship – these employees would have stopped receiving compensation for termination of the contract and wouldn’t have the ability to entry unemployment advantages even when they had been entitled to it.

In mild of the outcomes that these researchers have obtained with the affiliation microdata histories, and bearing in mind that, in accordance with the legislation that included the labor reform, the Government needed to consider its results after two years – a interval that has already been accomplished — have thought-about that if the determine of the discontinuous everlasting employee in inactivity continues to develop as intensely because it did on the finish of 2022, with few short-term calls and a lowered whole working time per individual, “it would be appropriate to analyze what should be changed to increase the frequency and duration of appeals, with measures such as a bonus-malus (which will increase the contributions of those who use these contracts as short-term temporary contracts and reduce them for entrepreneurs who make good use of this modality); or that a minimum remuneration be established during periods of inactivity.”

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