Pablo López: “There are impossible hugs that I would love to see, like that of Putin and Zelensky” | EUROtoday

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The patio of Pablo Lopez (Fuengirola, 1984) is just not as darkish because the tune's video made it out to be. It is spacious, vivid and comfortable. The artist receives EL MUNDO proper there, on a sunny morning of this “April without anesthesia”, as considered one of his final lyrics says. He smiles and introduces himself, head down, as if we didn't know whose home we got here from.

More than 15 years have handed since Malagueo participated in Operation Triumph, when that is nonetheless broadcast on open tv. Since then, Pablo López's life has been a curler coaster with many loops and a starting with extra slopes than hills. Despite ending second in OT by in style vote -David Bisbal and Manuel Carrasco occupied the identical place earlier than him-, Risto Mejide He predicted that López was doomed to stay a “pianist in bars, hotels and cruise ships.” Time will contradict him and extract an apology: 10 years of profession, 4 albums and quite a few participations in packages reminiscent of The voice They have established him as one of the praised Spanish musicians on the present scene.

“To the artists who have just come out of the OT Academybecause anyone who gets on stage and tries to convey emotions is no longer just a triumph, but an artist from head to toe, would tell them to be clear, that they have not entered any strange world and that success depends exclusively on them, not on what each other tells them,” says López. ” Some may have to fight a little more to sign a contract, but it is better not to make any movies and know who you surround yourself with. I had to learn it a while ago.”

He confesses that it is rather tough for him to present recommendation. But what would right this moment's Paul give him, who fills theaters and live performance venues, to the younger man who performed in these bars, motels and cruise ships? “That he didn't worry so much about the logistical details, that he didn't waste a minute letting himself be carried away by fear. And, above all, that he enjoyed it, because we don't have to take anything for granted in this life,” he maintains.

And since he doesn't take it with no consideration, he simply lives it. Without speeding, with out stress, with out envying the particular person in entrance of you. Without permitting themselves to fall into the maelstrom of prefabricated songs and the weird advertising and marketing methods of the business. For the Malagueo, it’s virtually a privilege to be allowed to launch music at his personal tempo. “The other day I heard news about five thousand songs being edited a day. With all this AI, it seems like it's as easy as clicking a button and lo and behold, you have a three-minute song that sounds almost identical to another. I'm a little bit outside of all that dynamic because, If one day I was afraid of missing a train, I promise you that I don't have it right now.” he says, shrugging his shoulders. “I still go to the supermarket and be able to pay my bills and, above all, feel very comfortable with playing every day and, if a song comes out of that every four months and not every week, then so be it. be. “I love to do issues little by little, with soul and with love, as a result of that's how my household and my viewers have raised me.”

As you may have guessed by now, Pablo López He has no intention of releasing an album for now.. Three years have passed since his album came out unicorn, already in the throes of the pandemic. In a hopeful gesture, he launched the first single of what his next work will be – still undated, to the impatience of his fans and the exasperation of the media -, Quasiin December 2022. Since then they have arrived, as spaced as they are resounding, The biggest hug of all time, April without anesthesia y Look how they dance. “This final one has a really particular that means, it’s a story with an end result that nobody expects. Someday I’ll inform it,” he says, mysterious as he is.

“It could seem to the general public that I make extra summary themes now, however I believe that I’ve by no means written extra clearly about my life, about what is going on round me, in current months. I simply don't give him a primary and final title,” she says.

Pablo López is pure naturalness. She shows us the garden, where her two cats stretch and lick their lips, looking at the pool suspiciously; the orchard, where he plans to grow a lemon tree and a rose bush, and his home recording studio, where he spends hours “banging” on the piano. He turned 40 a month ago, but he still stuck in his thirties. Or better, in childhood. She refuses to abandon the child she was; With him he shares the enthusiasm when talking about what he is passionate about, and also that shyness that prevents him from holding his gaze when he has to answer any question.

“The hug of a kid is probably the most stunning factor that exists. You put an Israeli baby and one from Gaza, and they’ll find yourself hugging. It reveals that it’s one thing completely pure, intrinsic to the human being, ancestral and first” . But, what would be for Pablo López the biggest hug of all time? “I don't wish to do low cost populism, however proper now, that of Putin and Zelensky. It is an inconceivable hug, though in fact, with AI you may shortly have a picture of the 2 having a mojito on the seaside,” he says. Claim the hug as the most effective weapon to make love and not the war: “It appears as if it have been crucial for a meteorite to fall for us to actually shit ourselves and cease arguing a lot.”

The musician The tour started in February where he commemorates a decade on stage, touring his discography throughout Spain and traveling through Europe, the United States and Latin America in the fall. Valencia, Vigo, Valladolid, Granada, Gijn… until reaching two nights with everything sold out in the Palau de la Música of Barcelona this April 10 and 11. In mid-June, Madrid lbeniz theater host four López concerts as part of the Universal Music Festival. “I'm singing a tune that I wrote 10 years in the past and, 5 minutes later, one other that I wrote three months in the past. It's loopy, it looks as if they each problem one another, that they snigger at one another. But I really feel like I get pleasure from them equally.” “I’ve the identical respect for them, and I notice that the general public does too,” he says.

Composing entire albums, recording all the demos and then choosing among several dozen the 12 or 13 that finally make up the album does not suit him, he confesses. She admires artists who are able to do it, but her mode of operation It is very different. His team doesn't get involved and lets him do it; geniuses have to be left alone. “I’m very anxious. As quickly as I throw up the songs, I need the general public to hearken to them. I compose continuously, however solely those who I really feel actually happy with come out, there are some very embryonic ones that stay in 'halves' or 'three quarters'.” 'cause I show them to my friends and then I get discouraged Antonio. [Orozco] say what many die of success without seeing the light because of me”, re.

A couple of months in the past, and because of Victoria -his work as a lyricist for Raphael- he had the chance to report within the studios of Abbey Road in London. 20 years in the past, López lived within the English capital, singing in its streets. On the way in which house, he made a detour to cross in entrance of the emblematic place the place his admired Elton John, David Bowie and Pink Floyd carried out magic. “I recently found a poorly recorded video on an old cell phone that I sent to my colleagues, where I, with my bad boy face, joked: 'Guys, did you see this? I'm here, but inside, it's shit.' Look, he was a prophet and he didn't know it,” he says, laughing.

However, he acknowledges that there was nothing ceremonious about these recordings at Abbey Road: “I have realized that I am above fanaticism and temples. “I can permit myself to get excited at 7:50 whereas I end having breakfast, however at 8:00 I’m conscious that it’s a must to reap the benefits of each minute in that magnificent room, it’s a whole mind sweat that stops you from losing interest and wandering.”

With all the dreams and achievements, is there something that particularly bothers Pablo López? “Personally, I remorse many issues. Here the place you see me, I'm a man with a masochistic sense of duty. Sometimes I haven't needed to get to know somebody properly for concern of falling in love, as a result of I didn't assume it was the time.” In the professional field, there are also things that I have wanted to do, but I don't throw in the towel: “No. I’m very featurings Although I do know they’re modern, I want to seek out that means in them, however I might like to do some collaboration with StromaeHe looks as if a barbaric man to me. And additionally with Rob Iniesta, from Extremoduro. “I have dreamed about him these days.”