“The massacres of 1948 are part of the collective memory of Israelis” | EUROtoday

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Si, on the request of its director Dominique Reynié, the historian Georges Bensoussan wrote for Fondapol an extended be aware on the pogroms in Palestine earlier than the creation of the State of Israel (1830-1948), it’s to fight stupor, presentism and “the widespread belief that the massacre of October 7, 2023 was unprecedented in terms of cruelty”. Its pages describe a litany of decapitated youngsters and enucleated males, which started virtually two centuries in the past. The different intention of this be aware is to focus on “the historical and anthropological foundations” of this tragedy.

Point : You have a look at 5 pogroms, 1834, 1838, and people of the Twenties-Nineteen Thirties. Is there continuity or ought to they be distinguished?


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