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Hera, the Greek mythological goddess of marriage, additionally related to the sky and the celebrities, is the identify of the primary planetary protection mission of the European Space Agency, ESA. It marks his contribution to a joint experiment with NASA searching for methods to divert asteroids from their orbit so they don’t collide with Earth. Hera It is a satellite tv for pc that may research Dimorfo, the moon of a bigger celestial physique, whose trajectory was modified in 2022 by launching the DART probe, a NASA ship, towards it. It is the primary object within the photo voltaic system whose orbit has been deliberately altered by people. This Thursday, throughout his state go to to the Netherlands, King Felipe VI plans to go to the ESA European Space Research and Technology Center (ESTEC), the place he’ll be capable to see the probe. Hera.

Dimorfo will probably be situated about 195 million kilometers from our planet by the point it arrives Hera, which is scheduled to launch on October 7 from Cape Canaveral (Florida). “The dinosaurs could have been saved from the meteorite impact that caused a cataclysm and their disappearance with a mission like this,” says Franco Pérez Lissi, 34, a Spanish programs engineer at ESTEC. Located within the Dutch city of Noordwijk, its amenities are finalizing the set-up of Hera, a cube-shaped probe and photo voltaic panels with a wingspan of 13 meters when deployed. The ESTEC Satellite Test Center is the biggest in Europe, and has amenities to simulate all launch circumstances and the area atmosphere. Among which Hera should move the determine “separation with the SpaceX Launcher, and the Electromagnetic Compatibility test.”

In 2029, an asteroid known as Apophis, about 450 meters tall, will move close to Earth. “It will be less than 36,000 kilometers away, and it has already been ruled out that it could crash. Yes, it can be seen in certain areas, and that is why we have detection systems,” he provides. The workforce of Hera is already engaged on a mission known as RAMSES that may go to Apophis and that’s primarily based on the expertise developed for Hera. Two years in the past, the DART probe disintegrated when it collided with Dimorfo, which is 177 meters at its longest half. DART, the dimensions of a fridge, made a kinetic affect, that’s, it transmitted the power of its relative movement for the time being of the collision to the asteroid in an try and fluctuate its trajectory. According to the Spanish engineer, previously “the possibility of using explosives to destroy the asteroid was studied, but since it has rocks compacted by gravity, it would have distributed them in the form of a cloud instead of varying the trajectory.” It is a worse treatment and that’s the reason it was discarded.

The 'Hera' probe at the European Space Research and Technology Center (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, Netherlands, on April 15, 2024.
The 'Hera' probe on the European Space Research and Technology Center (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, Netherlands, on April 15, 2024.KOEN VAN WEEL (EFE)

With the assistance of Hera It will probably be attainable to comply with intimately the impact that the affect of the American ship has had with the intention to repeat the strategy of diverting celestial our bodies sooner or later. On the opposite hand, the gathering of knowledge will assist to higher perceive the composition and construction of asteroids, that are rocky objects that orbit the Sun and can also be in the identical orbit because the planets. Most, nevertheless, are discovered within the so-called asteroid belt, situated between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Meteorite is the identify given to a fraction of a celestial physique, equivalent to an asteroid, that survives friction with the ambiance and falls to Earth.

The most important asteroid round which the moon Dimorph revolves known as Didymus, and is 851 meters on its longest facet. Together they make up a binary system: a big, most important rocky physique and a smaller one rotating round it. Pérez Lissi compares his scenario to that of the Earth and its satellite tv for pc, the Moon. “Dimorfo is also trapped in a kind of gravitational corridor and keeps rotating around the main body, like our Moon,” he says. Hera It is scheduled to reach on the finish of 2026, “and we want to know if Dimorfo shares elements with Dídimo because it would give us clues about its origin,” he says. It is also one other asteroid that collided a very long time in the past “and formed this body trapped by gravity.”

The probe 'Hera' with its companions, 'Juventas' and 'Milani', in an artistic representation.
The probe 'Hera' with its companions, 'Juventas' and 'Milani', in an inventive illustration.ESA

Pérez Lissi is chargeable for the design and testing of The youth y Milanitwo area drones put in aboard Hera. The first of the minisatellites carries a low-frequency radar that may ship pulses to Dimorfo to see what it’s like inside. It may also carry a gravimeter and an accelerometer to measure the mechanical response of the floor and the ultra-low gravity of the physique. “We want to know if it has a hard core or if it is just fragments of rock from the main asteroid and compacted by gravity,” he explains. The second drone has a hyperspectral digital camera that permits you to see at totally different wavelengths. “It outperforms the naked human eye in checking for organic components on the surface, whether iron or other minerals.” It will take samples of asteroid mud.

On a Spanish press journey, which EL PAÍS joined, the identical engineer defined that Hera It will ship knowledge from the second it’s launched, as a result of the on-board pc will probably be working and the radios will probably be on. “We have to put it on the right trajectory and, if everything goes well, on March 25 we will reach Mars. Towards October 2026 we will arrive at the asteroid.” There will probably be a braking part in order that Hera purchase the pace of Dimorfo, orbital maneuvers that final for a month. Then the operational a part of the mission will start, which ought to final 9 months.

Con Hera Synchronized with the asteroid's moon, The youth y Milani They will deploy to do their job. “We will take images and try to fly on several occasions very close to the surface with the main ship to obtain details taking advantage of its guidance, navigation and control system, designed by the GMV company in Madrid.” Once the exploration is accomplished, the probe will probably be landed on the asteroid in a managed method. Hera It is an instance of the energy of worldwide collaboration, since greater than 80 corporations from 17 ESA member nations – together with Spain – take part within the mission. The satellite tv for pc design workforce will management the mission from the European Space Operations Center (ESOC), primarily based in Darmstadt, Germany. There will probably be one other group at Cape Canaveral, from the place it will likely be launched with a rocket Falcon 9, from the American firm SpaceX. “If we couldn't fly in October, the gravitational maneuvers would be longer. We would have to go to Mars, return to Earth and then to the asteroid,” Pérez Lissi warns.

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