France proclaims a plan to revive authority in colleges and cease the “spiral” of violence | EUROtoday

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A trainer was attacked this Thursday at a faculty in Marseille, 10 days in the past a youngster went right into a coma after being crushed when leaving college in Montpellier and a 15-year-old boy died after being attacked by different younger individuals within the south of Paris. The French Government introduced a plan in opposition to bullying a number of months in the past after the suicide of a number of minors, however each week is mediatized any new case of assaulta college students but additionally to lecturers.

The collegepillar of the French Republic and “sanctuary” the place its values ​​are instilled, has turn out to be a spotlight of battlein a spot the place violence is more and more expressed.

The tradition of excuses and searching the opposite approach is over. The Prime Minister stated it, Gabriel Attalwho has acknowledged that we face a “spiral, a addiction“to a violence in school rooms “morbid, unleashed” and has introduced a package deal of measures to revive civility within the facilities. France “needs a wave of authority”he identified.

He stated it in Viry Chtillon, the place the place Shemsedinne lived, the 15-year-old boy who died days in the past after receiving a beating from different youngsters. It was his longest speech, after the one he gave when he was named prime minister. Just now 100 days have handed. Attal He was Minister of Educationso you already know the issue effectively, you will have acknowledged the seriousness, you will have talked about “individualism and isolation” of some younger individuals, the accountability of oldsters, the function of screens and social networks.

“Authority and common rules are often challenged by a minority of young people,” he admitted: “How have we come to this? (…) France is hurt by a part of its youth.” Attal has stated that the Republic “is going to fight back” and assault this drawback “from the roots.”

Series of measures

He has introduced some measures, comparable to the concept of ​​eship troubled adolescents to boarding colleges removed from their neighborhoods. Going to regulate display use, facilitate sanctions to younger people who find themselves protected by the very fact of being minorsand likewise to the mother and father who ignore of his accountability.

For Attal, attacking evil at its roots is additionally “attack Islamist separatism” within the school rooms. In the facilities the precept of secularism governs, so non secular symbols, such because the veil or the abaya, are prohibited. But “there are young people who contest this republican value,” stated Attal, who warned that “there will be no war of religion in school.” “A religious ideology cannot challenge the rules within a neighborhood”.

The Government research, for instance, that an assault for non secular causes sea an aggravating issue when sanctioning. Punishment for violent college students may even be toughened, as a result of “many believe that nothing will happen to them”: commissions might be created from major college for this and they are going to be pressured to do work of common curiosity.

He has referred to the function of households, as a result of there are “parents overwhelmed”, but additionally others that ““They don't take accountability.”. These will have to sign a type of contract with the centers in which they will be reminded of “the obligations and rights” of each one. “But we should not add distress to distress, as a result of we all know that, in lots of circumstances, it’s single moms who elevate their youngsters, when the daddy has given up.” Therefore, when sanctioning, “each mother and father might be sought to pay the reparation.”

Regarding the screens, he recalled that the social networks they fed the wave of riots last summer, starring mostly minors. They lasted a week, the Government had to take the tanks out into the streets to contain them, there were more than 3,000 detainees and the damage cost one million euros. Networks “disinhibit, catalyze and arrange,” according to Attal. There is a commission working on concrete measures to regulate its use and will present its conclusions at the end of the month.

The Government, Attal has said, will work on these eight weeks in a work plan “with out tab and with out ideology” for restore order. “The college should proceed to be a sanctuary (…). Today it’s the Republic that counterattacks, I ask for the overall mobilization of the nation to reaffirm our venture of a free and emancipated youth,” said the prime minister, who has finished his speech with “lengthy stay the youth, lengthy stay the Republic.”