The US pressures Chavismo with power sanctions and Maduro responds: “We are no one's colony” | EUROtoday

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Washington has confirmed that resuming the sanctions power towards the Bolivarian revolution given the apparent non-compliance with the Barbados Agreements between authorities and opposition. “Nothing is going to stop us, because we are no one's colony. The empire trying to harm us does double harm to itself,” he cried. Nicols Maduro after listening to the US Undersecretary of State, Brian Nichols.

The first penalties had been recognized inside a couple of minutes: the Venezuelan authorities terminated the immigration settlement with the United States and Jorge Rodríguez, head of the Chavista negotiating delegation, expanded the already innumerable threats, by guaranteeing that Mara Corina Machadothe opposition chief, can be sentenced to “capital punishment” if she had been imprisoned within the United States.

The dismantling of the well-known basic license 44 on oil and gasoline transactions, decreed final October after Chavismo dedicated to enable free and honest elections, might be carried out progressively. The restrict has been set for May 31, the deadline for international corporations to “close” all power manufacturing and export operations which were carried out in these six months.

Of course, as a part of the stress for Maduro to permit the nomination of an opposition candidate, the US retains the potential for approving sure licenses for corporations that already function in Venezuela. Since the relief of the power embargo was applied in October, the state Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) It has gone from producing 780,000 barrels a day to 877,000 due to the American oil firm Chevrón, though in latest weeks it registered a brand new drop to 840,000. The Maduro regime meant to beat the barrier of 1 million barrels per day due to the Barbados Agreements.

“The US closes the door and leaves the window open. This allows them to continue in the political negotiation while continuing to occupy spaces, or avoid abandoning them, in the largest oil mine in the world,” highlights analyst Ricardo Ros. An replace of the outdated 'carrot and stick', however towards a predatory chief dedicated to looking and capturing opponents and dissidents.

Washington's announcement comes 48 hours earlier than the restrict decreed by the National Electoral Council (CNE) for him change of presidential nominationsmanipulated from day one with the unlawful and unconstitutional disqualification of Machado and the blocking of the one chosen to interchange her, the philosophy Corina Yoris.

Chavismo intends to shut all avenues for the opposition candidate to be the controversial governor Manuel Rosaleswith such little acceptance in public opinion that Maduro sees himself able to defeating him even though 80% of the inhabitants needs instant change.

“The United States, although it had to take this step to avoid showing weakness in the face of Chavismo, leaves room for Maduro's rectification. But we are reaching the deadline without agreement in the Unitary Platform. So far Rosales does not have the votes to be a unitary candidate nor has Machado achieved a viable name to be registered after Yoris (the blockade). Time is running against the opposition and Chavismo seems comfortable with the current scenario. At a narrative level, the sanctions serve to maintain this narrowing of the electoral route. The challenge is to make a candidacy viable given the overwhelming willingness of the people to vote,” political guide Luis Peche summarized for EL MUNDO.