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One hundred days after his appointment as Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal detailed on Thursday his bulletins made earlier within the day in opposition to youth violence and defended his report on BFMTV. He notably assured that the dedication to a tax reduce “will be kept”.

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No query of deviating from the road. For his hundredth day at Matignon, Gabriel Attal defended his outcomes at size on Thursday April 18 within the night throughout a particular broadcast on BFMTV.

The Prime Minister repeated the mantra “no tax increases” pricey to Emmanuel Macron and his majority. As proof: the presidential dedication to a two billion discount in taxes for households “will be kept”, assured Gabriel Attal, who nonetheless matched it with an equal saving measure.

The Prime Minister didn’t want to element the brand new envelope of 10 billion euros in financial savings anticipated in June, after that determined in February. Faced with budgetary deterioration, in 2025, the chief intends to realize one other 20 billion further financial savings.

  • Middle faculty college students in class each day of the week

This broadcast was scheduled after a primary regal sequence from the Prime Minister, who introduced, Thursday morning from Viry-Châtillon (Essonne), a collection of measures and an eight-week “consultation” to take care of the violence of a part of the youth.

He wished to be extra direct on BFMTV by denouncing “more or less organized groups which seek to engage in Islamist entryism”, advocating “the precepts of sharia, particularly in schools”.

Among the primary measures to assault “the evil at the root”, the Prime Minister affirmed: “All middle school students will be in school every day of the week, between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.” as a result of “during the day, the place is at “faculty, to work and to be taught”.

He insisted on the responsibility of parents, and recalled that a commission would make proposals by the end of the month to regulate addiction to screens, considered partly responsible for the “drift” of certain young people.

Gabriel Attal, who spoke before his speech with the teams and beneficiaries of the MJC de Viry, also announced that disruptive students should be “sanctioned” in obtaining their school diplomas. “The condition for erasing this mention” would be “the carrying out of activities of general interest and of course, keeping oneself in line,” he said.

  • A tightening of the affiliation condition to reform unemployment insurance

Gabriel Attal subsequently listed three levers for changing unemployment insurance: the duration of compensation, the condition of affiliation, i.e. “how lengthy one should have labored to obtain unemployment insurance coverage, that's six months within the final 24 months” and the level of compensation.

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“I introduced that we’d seek the advice of with the social companions on this topic. This is what Minister Catherine Vautrin will do, I requested her, within the coming days, the approaching weeks, in order that we are able to do that reform,” declared Gabriel Attal.

“There is a system which is organized for the multiplication of small contracts, short contracts, between which we benefit from unemployment. 'I work for a few months, I receive unemployment for a few months, I work again for a few months, I receive the unemployment'”, described the pinnacle of presidency.

“This is rather what I want to work on, so it focuses more on the conditions of affiliation. Now the three possibilities are open and we will work on them with the social partners,” defined the Prime Minister.

He recalled that he had introduced in March, even earlier than the failure of negotiations between unions and employers on the employment of seniors, a reform of unemployment insurance coverage from this 12 months, with the purpose of elevating the unemployment price. employment in France.

“If we had the same employment rate as the Germans, we would have almost no problems balancing our budget,” mentioned Gabriel Attal, visitor of a long-term program to mark his 100 days at Matignon.

  • Proposals for justice

On the judicial aspect, the pinnacle of presidency mentioned he was able to open the controversy on “mitigations of the excuse of minority” in legal convictions and on the potential of “establishing a right away look earlier than the court docket for younger folks from the age of 16, in order that they should reply for his or her actions instantly like adults.”

So many measures prone to please the suitable in a really delicate context for almost all, struggling within the polls for the European elections subsequent June and below the specter of a movement of censure within the National Assembly triggered by the Republicans.

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