Raul Clyde, the Valencian singer on whom Bad Bunny's report firm is betting: “It's the time for Spanish reggaeton” | EUROtoday

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Raul Clyde -yes, with out accent- he arrives carrying an electrical blue tracksuit mixed with an identical cap. He is shy and considerably quick on phrases, however straightforward to get together with. The dialog is all the time simpler if you discover somebody who has no issues talking naturally about any subject.

The Valencian, from the municipality of Aldaia and born in 1997, is accompanied by one in all his childhood buddies. Now transformed into his supervisor. There can be no lacking particular person from the appointment. Rimas, Bad Bunny's report label. They wish to care for the primary Spaniard to hitch the ranks of the label. “Everyone tells me it's crazy and I think the same. But I think the trick to not go crazy is to normalize it.”. I strive to not give an excessive amount of significance to issues as a result of it’s true that when I’m alone and I begin to consider it I get dizzy,” she confesses.

Together with the record label he has just released Destiny 2014. A reggaeton work “with previous and new rhythms” composed of 12 songs and which he sees as “one thing between an EP and an album.”

“I'm trying to return to my time as a young person, once I found engo Flow, Tego Calderón or Jowell. I like all the pieces about these years, from the aesthetics to the sounds,” he says, pointing out that the last of those mentioned is part of one of the collaborations. from the album. He also remembers that during his high school days they saw him “like a canine for listening to reggaeton.”

His agreement with Rimas came after being the opening act in Spain for the Puerto Rican Mora, one of the most successful singers on the label's roster. And, of course, backed by his good numbers.

In his twenties, Raul Clyde already has 1.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify. A success in numbers achieved quickly if you take into account that the first song was published a little over two years ago.

His landing in the world of music was something sought after. Self-confessed geek of other artists –“I used to be a kind of who stayed up till six within the morning to be the primary to hearken to the Bad Bunny or Anuel album”he details, he tried to unite his profession as a graphic designer with what he was passionate about.

“I’ve designed the MDLR emblem for Morad and I’ve achieved one thing for Kaidy Cain or Beny Jr. I additionally labored with some guys from Valencia who did entice. I designed their covers and went with them to the studio,” he says.

Some specific jobs that did not give him enough to live on and he combined them with others. “I’ve been a waiter at communions, in a paint retailer, then making soccer and basketball kits. For instance, in Madrid I made the Rivas one. And Then I entered the Manises airport to place suitcases on Ryanair, which is like being within the play“, he lists.

Meanwhile, he bought a microphone and, without telling anyone, began recording his own songs at home. One day, the first one was published and it was well received. “In a month I acquired like 30,000 views. That motivated me to proceed,” she says.

The turning point would come with Tuenti, one of his most successful singles. “Until then I earned 200 euros a month and thought of it a plus to the airport wage. But there I had simply left it. I keep in mind that with the 600 euros from unemployment I paid for the video clip, which value me 500, and I used to be left with 100 euros to get by way of the month. “I was already on my last legs,” he confesses. The track was profitable. A remix was made with Saiko, which has greater than 45 million views, and “little by little I am living from this without realizing it”acknowledge.

It is exactly in Saiko from Granada, whom he considers extra of a buddy than a colleague, that he depends closely when looking for recommendation concerning the occupation. Although he believes that the reference, indubitably, is Quevedo.

“I never imagined that I could make a living from music. But It was he who opened the way for us two and for all the kids who came. Nobody imagined collaborating with Feid or Jhayco before,” she says. “I think now is the time for the Spanish reggaeton scene because there are a lot of us kids and there are very good girls too. And not only of this kind. There is Yung Beef's trap or everything that Dellafuente has achieved. We have incredible artists. In few countries there is so much variety and so good“, he states.

Regarding those that say that he would be the subsequent massive identify within the Spanish city style, he responds: “Many times they say on Twitter that 'Ral Clyde 2024', but I try to take the pressure off. Don't let them think that what Quevedo or Saiko have achieved is normal. It's very difficult and it's not going to happen every year.. Or maybe two or three of us suddenly go out together. It is not known. That's why I work every day and let whatever has to happen happen.”

Meanwhile He nonetheless lives at his dad and mom' home though he plans to maneuver out. to town of Valencia. “Little by little they are understanding all this a little more,” he says about how his dad and mom – him, a hairdresser; her, delicatessen and fruit seller- her foray into the creative world. Although she confesses, she is basically in charge for this lack of information. “It has been strange for them because I have few words and I don't say much when they try to ask me”acknowledge.

Among their buddies they see it as a joint achievement. “They are crazy about me. They always try to come to places and they are proud of me. It's the idea that if one makes it, we all make it. One of them works at the airport, which is the one that got me in. Another is a transporter, another is on Amazon… They have normal jobs, which This is where I would be if this hadn't happened to me.“, account.

Asked about his purpose throughout the trade, he factors out that he by no means is aware of what to reply to that. But he does say he’s clear that “beyond transcending, which is something that everyone wants”, his primary goal is to proceed having enjoyable making songs and leaving them for folks. “A little more,” he says, “in the end I had a good time doing it and I wouldn't like to have to do it because I had to earn money.“.

Finally, a curiosity. Your actual identify is Ral Prez Marqus. Raul Clyde's alias is the identify he had on his Instagram account impressed, not by the Bonnie & Clyde film however “by one of those finite books that they told you to read in English”reveals.

“I have never liked having my real name on social media so I gave myself that one and when I had to sing I thought I wouldn't get any more dizzy and that's how it stayed. There could be other better names, but I'm doing well so it's okay.” “It stays,” he says. “Also, before that in networks it was The Princefor Cosculluela, and that's worse,” he says, bursting out laughing.