Escribano reappears this Sunday with the Miura bullfight in Seville in opposition to medical standards | EUROtoday

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Manuel Escribano returns this Sunday to Seville after starring in one of many milestones of the April Fair. Last Saturday, the matador from Gerena was injured when he bullfighted Victorino Martín's first bull, after greeting him with a bullfight. After requesting native anesthesia, Manuel Escribano jumped into the ring to the admiration of the general public in a job by which he crossed all human limits. Two ears for his pike. After every week of intense restoration, he returns in opposition to medical standards to cope with nothing extra and nothing lower than a bullfight from Miura.

“It's been a hard week. From the first day, I was at the physical therapist [el reconocido profesional Jos Antonio Salas Lluch, mano de santo para todos los toreros] to be able to recover. We set two hours of work a day from Monday to Friday, to try to recover. I have had to rest under a lot of pain and suffer, to try to shorten the deadlines and be able to reach, as has been the case, Sunday,” Escribano declared to

A choice that goes in opposition to the docs. He challenges the bullfighter once more all limits. In the medical report printed this Thursday, Manuel Escribano presents an adequate healing process. A fibrillar tear at the level of the internal rectus of the right leg and soft tissue edema, as well as a fissure at the level of the ninth costal arch with fibrillar tear of the intercostal muscles“.

Reappearing on Sunday goes against nature. There are several things that I have broken: my ribs, which is very painful, and several muscles.. I'm not going to reach 100% physically, but I hope to make up for that with my attitude,” the bullfighter concluded within the aforementioned media.