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In a credit score title of What occurs subsequent, Meg Ryan's second movie as director, a dedication seems: “To Nora.” That Nora is Nora Ephron, the screenwriter and director who died in 2012, the creator who turned Meg Ryan (Fairfield, Connecticut, 61 years previous) into the queen of the romantic comedy within the nineties: if Ryan on digital camera delighted in When Harry Met Sally, Something to Remember, You Have an Email y hanging, It was primarily as a result of these texts drank from Ephron's soul. So, simply as Billy Wilder watched for hours in his workplace a poster that learn “How would Lubitsch do it?”, Ryan thought quite a bit about how Ephron would do it in what’s her first romantic comedy as a director, an journey through which needed to spotlight the modifications which have occurred on the planet after MeToo, and through which solely his co-star, David Duchovny, seems alongside Ryan. After her go to to the Barcelona Film Fest, the place the interview takes place on a boring Sunday, What occurs subsequent opens in theaters on May 17.

Nora Ephron made Ryan a winner in Nineteen Nineties Hollywood, and the actress-turned-director responds from admiration: “Nora said, 'Just do it like you don't want to leave.' She was a great, wonderful woman.” And Ryan doesn’t overlook a few of her different teachings, resembling, for instance, that she was passionate in regards to the individuals who surrounded her when working, “artists-colleagues who brought things to the journey.” In his case, he took an all-or-nothing guess: he shot the comedy in 21 days and with a meager funds of three million euros in Arkansas. “When I directed my first feature [en 2015, Ithaca, una película que se desarrollaba en el verano de 1942 con Sam Shepard en el reparto] I felt that I had not enjoyed some parts of the direction. Do you know that he is a director? An expert in micromanagement. And as my role in What happens Afterwards she is so tired, almost always lying on the seats at the airport, fed up with the delays of her flight and, deep down, with her life, when 'Action' was heard, my relaxation came. She would throw me on the chairs [gesticula recordándolo]. Over time, you understand that directing has to do with power and knowing how to manage the flow of events.” And keep in mind a quote from Hugh Grant: “Grant said that maintaining the tone of a comedy is as difficult as keeping a balloon in the air with sharp pencils. I understand you perfectly.”

Ryan assures that he began directing as a result of he felt {that a} completely different problem was opening up for him artistically. “It has been a natural progression, and now I am interested in building emotional and intellectual challenges on screen,” he says. He elaborates when requested why so many performers face this transformation: “An actor communicates through others, he needs those channels to reach the public. Now I want to be the one who speaks directly to the viewers, I want to be the one who takes care of that connection. What will the future hold for me? Will I continue acting? I don't know, although I do know that I still have to learn, that I have a toolbox that I'm slowly mastering, and that now I just want to dedicate myself to directing.”

Now I just want to dedicate myself to directing”

And so the talk reaches a key moment in Meg Ryan's career: that of her disappearance at the end of the first decade of this century. Various articles suggested that she had to be punished for starring in raw (2003), by Jane Campion, a thriller with which she broke with her romantic past and a film with a feminist message that not everyone liked. “There were several things. The material that came to me didn't drive me crazy either. But I made the decision for my children. [el ahora actor Jack Quaid, de 31 años, fruto de su matrimonio con Dennis Quaid, y Daisy, a la que adoptó en 2006]. It was organic. I felt that it was time, that a challenge was presented to me that attracted me more than returning to work. Looking back, I feel happy with that step, for having opted to grow within myself and to be with my children. How did the people around me react? Good, because I explained to them that I wanted to be the owner of my time and, deep down, face life with my artistic spirit.”

David Duchovny and Meg Ryan, in 'What Happens Next'.
David Duchovny and Meg Ryan, in 'What Happens Next'.

What occurs subsequent He reunites at an airport in the course of nowhere an ex-couple who hasn't seen one another since they broke up 25 years in the past. And due to a snowstorm they’ve to sit down head to head and take into account what occurred to them, if it was price it, and if their life has progressed the place they anticipated. “I developed the film during confinement, and that can be seen in the claustrophobic nature of the situation. I do believe in second chances, that there is still time when you get older to do many new things. I say this being very aware that today's society pivots on young people.” Ryan laughingly refuses to talk about past movies or previous on-screen couples. “Each actor is different, each chemistry with them was born from a different process. I chose David without almost knowing him personally because I had read his novels—and he is a fantastic writer—and I sensed that it would work. We did a lot of zooming in on rewriting the script during confinement, and we created that relationship together.” Ryan has a sure post-covid concern: he finds it troublesome to shake palms, he maintains bodily distance from these round him, and even earlier than beginning the discuss he pushes his seat again. Of course, when he begins, he exudes kindness.

Meg Ryan, a Barcelona.
Meg Ryan, a Barcelona.
Albert Garcia

Without saying MeToo, Ryan has peppered the discuss with feminist messages. Without saying orgasm, the dialog ends on the desk at Katz's Deli, a legendary New York restaurant the place Sally teaches Harry that girls can pretend pleasure in a really plausible means. Since Ryan rolled When Harry discovered Sally, masterpiece of comedy, has by no means set foot on the premises once more. “Not even incognito, really,” she confesses, smiling. But his son Jack, who final September was staying in a lodge reverse the deli, and who after crossing the road found what all vacationers have seen: {that a} signal hangs from the ceiling of the institution indicating the desk with the motto : “Where Harry 'discovered' Sally. We hope you’ve got what she had. Enjoy”. “Very crazy, right?” he says. Her son called her from there, the actress put the speaker on so that her daughter could also hear her, and she heard: “Mom, this is mega embarrassing.” Now, in Barcelona, ​​she reflects, after confessing that yes, that her son Jack sounded embarrassing: “We didn't even see him coming when filming that sequence, and it will be difficult for him to do something that surpasses that popularity. “You never know what is going to connect with the audience.”

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