Basque Elections: Video Analysis | Pepa Bueno: “The growth of EH Bildu shows that time has done its work. EH Bildu, only a part” | Elections within the Basque Country 21-A | EUROtoday

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The director of EL PAÍS, Pepa Bueno, analyzes within the video that heads this information the results of this Sunday's Basque elections on a historic election day, the place PNV and EH Bildu have tied with 27 seats, though the conservatives win in votes. “It is a historic day due to the growth of Bildu. This growth tells us that time has done its work since the disappearance of violence in Euskadi, Bildu has done part of its work, although it has not done all of it because its candidate was unable to call ETA a terrorist group. But he has done work to normalize Basque society,” she stated within the closing part of the tv program broadcast stay on EL PAÍS.

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