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L'historical past will retain vanity and contempt. Roughly ten years in the past it appeared Cultural Insecurity by Laurent Bouvet, Conservative May 68 by Gaël Brustier, Peripheral France by Christophe Guilluy. They had been among the many first to understand the fragmentation of the nation, the unprecedented improve in useful resource gaps between the countryside and the metropolises, the rise of Islamism in working-class neighborhoods, the rearmament of the conservative proper, and so on. The anticipated consequence, they mentioned: the explosion of votes in favor of the National Front and the appearance of a brand new divide, which might result in the disappearance of the UMP and the Socialist Party.

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These intellectuals had been referred to as “sovereignists”, then “nationalists”, and, why hassle in spite of everything, “fascists”. Ten years later, historical past, not with out irony, proved them proper on nearly every part.

At that point, in 2014, the journalist Alexandre Devecchio was interested by the identical phenomenon by investigating a era invisible on the radar screens of the federal government events, François Hollande was then president. The fruit of this appreciable and prophetic work was printed underneath the title of New Children of the Centurynowadays reissued in paperback on the event of the European elections.

Three younger folks, signs of the era to come back

There we met, amongst others, a 20-year-old boy from Seine-Saint-Denis who held subordinate positions within the National Front, Jordan Bardella (it was the primary time {that a} journalist had requested him questions); a scholar from Sciences Po, additionally having grown up in Seine-Saint-Denis, formidable and seduced by the concepts of Éric Zemmour, Sarah Knafo; a deputy mayor of Versailles, writer of philosophy books the place he criticized progressivism, François-Xavier Bellamy.

Most had been unknown or nearly unknown; and the journalist, not like many commentators, didn’t understand this phenomenon as an issue, however as a symptom, the longer term representatives of a era whose convictions by no means corresponded to the standards then taken into consideration by the polling institutes and analysts. They will probably be on the origin of a brand new sort of proper, typically intolerant and radical, usually uninhibited and, above all, who didn’t understand themselves as extremist.

These younger folks refuse to be blamed for the betrayals of Pétain, the nauseating gibberish of Maurras, the anti-Semitic outbursts of Jean-Marie Le Pen, and this, for a easy cause: they weren’t there on the time of the occasions, refuse by due to this fact to be accountable, and deep down, don't care. As for the “forbidden” topics, Islamism, immigration, the nation, not solely do they take them up, however they make them the circumstances of their involvement in society and in its political projection. The taboos and dogmas in drive, one after the other, will fall, rallying an ever-widening viewers.

The denial and contempt of the left

To Francis Fukuyama's prophecy of the tip of historical past, Alexandre Devecchio responds: “The scenario did not unfold as expected: social progress gave way to economic crisis; the multiculturalist promise led to the clash of civilizations; the Europe of standards and the market has filled the void left by the erasure of nations and systems. The empire of good has been replaced by the empire of nothing. […] Other youth have suffered in different ways from the steamroller of uprooting and disintegration, but they unanimously think they are right to revolt. »

Ten years later, the revolt has not only taken place at the polls, but it has also conquered the mental space of the French, including when they do not vote for Marine Le Pen. This is evidenced by the extraordinary popularity (between 70 and 80% of favorable opinions, according to polling institutes) of the immigration law passed by the President of the Republic. Emmanuel Macron who, unlike the socialist leaders of the time, had probably taken seriously the advent of the new children of the century. The defense of Europe and the liberalization of the economy are all inverse proofs of the new divide: the globalists against the nationalists. He made the most of it by gathering first.

Instead of engaging in a fundamental ideological confrontation, the governing left stuck to denial, when it did not fall into contempt that was very unprofitable from an electoral point of view. Because she had embodied the ideals of youth since the 1960s, she believed it impossible to be replaced by parties with contrary proposals, formulated by individuals barely 30 years old. Democracy obeys less illusions than reality, and, as Jean Cocteau wrote, with regard to history, “there are no precursors, there are only latecomers”.

Book reference

Alexandre Devecchio, The New Children of the Century, unpublished preface by the writerParis, “Lexio”, Editions du Cerf, 2024.