A jury exonerates the lady accused of killing her husband in A Corua attributable to a “suicide pact” | EUROtoday

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The jury that final week tried a lady for killing her husband within the Coruña city of monfero has determined to declare her “not guilty”, thus following the thesis of her protection, which maintained that there was a “suicide pact” between the couple wherein each meant to finish their lives on the identical time.

The second part of the Provincial Hearing of A Corua should now challenge a sentence of acquittal of this lady, as soon as this Wednesday, and, after two days of deliberations, the jury concluded that she will not be accountable for the crime. The members of the favored court docket reasoned that she is “not guilty” of the crime of homicide that she attributed to him. fiscal and in addition “cooperation in suicide”, which he launched instead qualification.

For the jury, husband and spouse meant to commit suicide collectively and each took the identical remedy, though she didn’t die solely as a result of she acquired medical consideration. Both, in line with the decision, had melancholy and determined to take their very own lives in an agreed and joint method.

The occasions occurred on July 19, 2021, when she was 68 years previous and he was 75. The Prosecutor's Office has at all times maintained that it was a homicide, arguing that the person had “dementia or Alzheimer's” and maintained “aggressive and negative attitudes.” ” towards her, who lived in a situation of “despair or anguish.” That day, “overwhelmed by the evolution that the illness was inflicting,” she gave him some pills and killed him. Alternatively, he came to recognize “suicide cooperation” in which he wanted to commit suicide and she helped him by giving him the pills.

“We each wished to depart”

The defense, however, has maintained the version of joint suicide from the beginning, since she also took numerous medications, although she did not die after receiving medical attention. In her statement at her trial, the accused, now in her seventies, insisted that she planned to commit suicide with him “by mutual settlement” and denied this supposed cognitive deterioration of her husband.

Thus, he assured that “it was each of us who wished to depart.” Furthermore, he insisted on her love for her husband and that she had no reason to kill him. “We have been amazed in each approach, he was and hard-working man. Why did I’ve to kill him, that is unimaginable,” she declared, insisting that her husband was “conscious” of what they were both doing and participated “actively.” In fact, he himself took the medications that ended his life.

“More than a criminal offense, it’s a drama,” argued during the trial the defense of this woman, who faced 26 years in prison for a crime of murder with the mitigating circumstance of outburst or obstinacy and the aggravating circumstance of kinship. She also asked the Prosecutor's Office to compensate 23.805 euros to each of the children, although they did not accuse her in this case.