Amnesty International warns: “The world order created after 1945 is about to disappear” | EUROtoday

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The Russia's struggle in Ukrainethe battle in Near East and the bloodbath in Gazathe growing threat that violence will unfold all through the area… The world is experiencing a turbulent interval that threatens to blow up the safety system of the human rights that the international locations put in place after the devastation of World War II.

The newest report of Amnesty International on the scenario of elementary rights on the earth casts a dark image prefer it hadn't been seen in a very long time. Above all as a result of, as they denounce, the struggle crimes They are a actuality that nearly we’re getting used to it, essentially the most elementary ideas are violated with out compunction and with out worry of punishment and essentially the most fundamental limits set in 1945 have been exceeded. All of this has been normalized, with impunity and with out anybody saying something. There are not purple traces and lots of governments look the opposite method.

“In the wake of the Ukrainian war, we are heading towards a total disregard for life and human rights. The situation is increasingly deteriorating and we are at a turning point in the history of International Law,” Jean Claude Samouiller, president of Amnesty International, explains to EL MUNDO.

The group has simply revealed its report for 2023-2024, wherein it analyzes the scenario in 155 international locations. In its 500 web page doc describes the struggle crimes and atrocities of the final 12 months, one of the crucial turbulent in many years. International Law is moist paper in Ukraine and the Palestinian territories.

In each, based on the group, proof of struggle crimes that “empty international law” continues to be collected. “Everything that is happening is very disturbing and, above all, the absence of a forceful reaction from the international community,” explains the president of Amnesty.

Budour Hassan, a researcher for the group in Israel and the Palestinian territories, says that they’ve spoken with survivors whose households have been utterly worn out: “There are families that have lost parents, siblings, children, grandparents, coughs… There are people who are the only ones who have survived… And they continue to live. And in the face of this, there is impunity,” he laments on the ceremony. presentation of the report in Paris.

Hassan, who’s a blind Palestinian, begins her speech in a low voice, however raises it as she continues. Like when she cites Israel's indiscriminate assault on a church and the way the witnesses who had been saved informed her that “they had fled and went there because it was a safe place.” Like when she lists the assaults on hospitals or colleges, which she way back stopped being shelters. “It's not that the Palestinians used to live in paradise, but hethe situation has seriously deteriorated“, shift.

“The world is moving back toward what it was before 1948,” explains the president of the group. “Is what is happening in Gaza a genocide? What the International Court of Justice says is that there is a risk that it is, and we must take all necessary measures to prevent it from happening. We don't say it is, but I know there is a risk. “We had been already in a scenario of apartheid, however what is occurring now’s an unacceptable atrocity.”

Humanitarian aid packages in northern Gaza.

Humanitarian aid packages in northern Gaza.Afp

Amnesty regrets the responsibility of countries like the US, which has sent weapons to Israel “which were used to commit struggle crimes.” “Israel's flagrant disregard for worldwide regulation has been intensified by the inability of their allies to finish an unspeakable massacre towards the civilian inhabitants of Gaza. And a few of these allied international locations had been the promoters of the authorized system put in place after the Second World War to guard human rights,” says Agns Callamard, general secretary of Amnesty.

“The world order based on Law threatens to change into extinct,” he says. Hassan clarifies why: “Because some have rights and others don’t. We must return to that concept that everybody is equal earlier than the regulation.”

The organization alert on the role of technology companies in this destabilization of the world order because artificial intelligence and algorithms are increasingly used to “perpetuate human rights violations and intensify racism.”

In the case of Israel, “the authorities use the system of facial recognition towards Palestinians to amplify current violations and discrimination,” explains Katia Roux, in charge of digital surveillance issues. “These mass surveillance instruments are a pernicious enemy, as a result of governments use them to manage essentially the most marginal teams of the society”.

The situation deteriorates in other less publicized areas such as Afghanistan, where war crimes are reported; Sudan, with the “greatest refugee disaster”, or Myanmar.

There is hope because, while some destroy and others look the other way, “we’ve seen an unprecedented international mobilization. In the face of leaders all over the world who don’t defend human rights, individuals have rebelled to exhibit and demand that human rights be revered.” International Law”.