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The National Rally eliminated Mahorais Saidali Boina Hamissi from its European checklist on Wednesday, April 24, who had made very controversial feedback, notably about ladies. ” We have (…) made the decision that this candidate was not on the list”declared to Agence France-Presse (AFP) a source within the party, confirming information from franceinfo, specifying that the “Facebook messages” revealed by the press of the now ex-candidate “dates from a long time ago”.

During a trip to Mayotte, the leader of the National Rally deputies, Marine Le Pen, announced that this departmental representative of the party, aged 63, was joining the list led by Jordan Bardella, “most likely in an ineligible place, except voters [en] resolve in any other case ». “It is a signal especially which is sent to Mayotte, to say for the first time historically, there is a Mahorais candidate who will enter” on a listing, she declared on Mayotte the first.

The authorities denounces “admiration for Putin”

The authorities reacted strongly to the appointment of Saidali Boina Hamissi who made conspiratorial and racist feedback, “has an admiration for Putin” And “supports polygamy”.

“As usual with Marine Le Pen and the National Rally, (…) they have allies of whom they cannot be sure of the things they say: this gentleman, visibly, has an admiration for [le président russe Vladimir] Putin, he supports polygamy »had denounced the minister responsible for overseas territories, Marie Guévenoux.

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Saidali Boina Hamissi “participated in conspiracy theories, made extremely serious and dangerous comments about women about the supposed submission of women in relation to their spouses”for her half castigated the federal government spokesperson, Prisca Thévenot.

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