Omar Sy's plea towards individualism within the face of the rise of the far proper | EUROtoday

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“II need to convey again a trendy phrase: the group. » Omar Sy spoke on the set of Daily, on TMC, this Thursday, April 25, the place he was invited to advertise his e book Come on, let's speak, written with Elsa Vigoureux, on the social and political scenario in France. The actor denounced the rise of the far proper and individualism, which has taken priority, in his eyes, over the collective.

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“The notion of justice, equality, fraternity, we no longer have any at all,” he lamented. According to him, politicians “are in the process of bringing up to date a France of the past, with well-established ideas, of 'where is mom'”, thus alluding to Marion Maréchal's comment on Jacquemus' youngsters.

“These ideas have led France to very, very dark places,” he warned. And to insist: “I say be careful because it concerns us all. »

“We are each talking about ourselves. It’s not about that,” he denounces, making certain that individualism is simply too current within the political world. “In public space, everyone talks about themselves and we forget the group,” regrets the star of the collection Lupine. “Which means that we have individuals who claim to be leaders but who are often megalomaniacs. But a leader is the one who takes care of the group,” he says.

“My optimist is put to the test”

Omar Sy continues his remarks in entrance of Yann Barthès and regrets that these leaders “express themselves on what hurts them, what bothers them, what scares them”. “They speak in the name of the group but with their own neurosis. That’s the problem for me,” he denounces.

READ ALSO Why Omar Sy's feedback on the battle arouse controversy “We have to wake up, we have a group to create,” says the actor. “My optimism is being put to the test, I think it won’t work if we don’t have another round table,” he confides, admitting that “the world is a little chilling.”

“Come on, let’s hold hands, we’ll walk around. What I’m saying sounds stupid, but I really mean it,” he concludes his remarks.

In Come on, let's speakthe emblematic actor of the movie Untouchables evokes his life, his household, faith, but additionally the rise of the far proper and violence amongst younger individuals.