Ukraine withdraws Abrams tanks amid drone waves | EUROtoday

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Advanced tanks donated by the US have been pulled from the entrance strains in Ukraine to keep away from assaults by Russian drones.

Abrams M1A1 battle tanks, which value about $10 million every, are not protected from the rising menace of unmanned aerial autos which have modified the face of the warfare.

Five of the 31 tanks have already been misplaced to Russian assaults, US officers mentioned as they admitted they’d been pressured to evaluation techniques.

The proliferation of drones on the Ukrainian battlefield means “there isn’t open ground that you can just drive across without fear of detection”, a senior defence official mentioned.

The tanks have been moved from the entrance strains whereas the US works with Ukrainians to reset techniques, mentioned Joint Chiefs of Staff Vice Chairman Adm Christopher Grady.

“Now, there is a way to do it,” he mentioned. “We’ll work with our Ukrainian partners, and other partners on the ground, to help them think through how they might use that, in that kind of changed environment now, where everything is seen immediately.”

Advanced and rudimentary drone warfare has revolutionised front-line battle, forcing each side to adapt. But the setback with Abrams comes as outgunned Ukraine is on the again foot, with Russia seizing plenty of cities and villages in a sequence of profitable advances this yr.

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