Massive pro-Palestine protest to hit London in hours as ‘worry’ canines Jewish communities | UK | News | EUROtoday

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A professional-Palestine march is about to draw hundreds to central London at the moment with the Metropolitan Police warning individuals have a proper to protest and to go about their lives with out worry. Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s (PSC) nationwide demonstration will begin at Parliament Square at noon with protesters marching to Hyde Park. Pro-Israel group, Enough is Enough, will stage a protest in Pall Mall. A 3rd motion organised by the Campaign Against Antisemitism has been cancelled.

PSC mentioned it expects “hundreds of thousands of people” to attend its occasion in response to Israel’s “brutal attack” on Gaza.

Metropolitan Police Asst Commissioner Matt Twist, who’s accountable for public order policing, mentioned: “Our objectives this weekend are to police without fear or favour, to protect the right to protest and to keep the peace.

“All Londoners have a proper to have their voices heard, simply as in addition they have a proper to go about their lives with out worry and with out being topic to severe disruption.”

He added that the cumulative impact of almost seven months of protest is felt widely, but has been a particular cause of fear and uncertainty in Jewish communities.

Mr Twist said: “While there was a Jewish presence on lots of the PSC marches, there are numerous extra Jewish individuals who don’t journey into the centre of London on protest days, or who keep away from the Tube, cover their identities or in any other case change their behaviour. It is a actuality that ought to concern us all.”

PSC’s demo will follow a route via Whitehall, Piccadilly and Park Lane before ending in Hyde Park where speeches will take place.

Enough is Enough’s static protest will take place at the same time as PSC’s and on a section of PSC’s route. It is PSC’s 13th national protest since the October 7 attacks and Israel’s war against Hamas.

The Met said 44,722 officer shifts have been devoted to policing the protests, which have ranged in size from 300,000 at their peak, to 5,000 to 10,000 in recent months, according to the force.

It has cost about £38.4million to police the protests, with 415 arrests made during the actions, of which 193 were for antisemitic offences, according to the Met.

Most of those offences have been in relation to chanting, placards and hate speech. Fifteen terror arrests have also been made by police, which the Met said was “extraordinary”.

Most of those terrorism offences stemmed from suspicion of supporting Hamas, which is a proscribed organisation in the UK.

A number of conditions have been placed on Saturday’s protests, with the PSC marchers warned off entering an area around the Israeli embassy.

Speeches at PSC’s rally have to end by 4pm and protesters must leave the rally in Hyde Park by 5pm. Enough is Enough’s protest can’t start before midday and has to finish by 5pm.

Ben Jamal, PSC’s director, said the march was fuelled by love for the principle of the dignity and rights of all human beings.

He added: “As mass graves of Palestinians are uncovered in Gaza, the decision for an instantaneous ceasefire and for an finish to weapons gross sales to Israel is now supported throughout the political mainstream and by large swathes of the British public.

“Those marching know that they are on the right side of history.”