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“Nancy Faeser is called upon to implement a club ban as quickly as possible”

Kristian Frigelj
Islamist demonstration on Saturday in Hamburg Islamist demonstration on Saturday in Hamburg

Islamist demonstration on Saturday in Hamburg

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Around 1,000 Islamists referred to as for a “caliphate” and “Sharia” on Saturday in Hamburg. Now site visitors gentle home politicians are calling for a ban on the group behind it, “Muslim Interaktiv”. Federal Interior Minister Faeser (SPD) calls the march “difficult to bear”.

EThe demonstration of greater than 1,000 Islamists within the Hamburg district of St. Georg alerted safety authorities and politicians nationwide. On Saturday, the individuals adopted a name from the “Muslim Interaktiv” group, which the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution labeled as undoubtedly extremist, and referred to as for the introduction of a “caliphate” and “Sharia”. Amid shouts of “Allahu akbar,” some waved indicators describing Germany as a “dictatorship of values” and agitated towards German media.

“Demanding Sharia law and wearing branded clothes – that can be called hypocritical”

The police in Hamburg secured a demonstration organized by Islamists with a large contingent. The participants heavily criticized politics and the media in Germany, and their self-image was characterized by victimhood. Jörn Lauterbach from WELT Hamburg classifies current events.

The parliamentary groups in the Bundestag therefore unanimously called for tougher measures. “The 'Muslim interactive' group is close to the banned Islamist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir and has been campaigning for the introduction of a caliphate for a long time,” the Green Party's home coverage spokeswoman, Lamya Kaddor, advised WELT. “We have been calling for a ban on organizations and associations that are close to Hizb ut-Tahrir for a long time. Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser is called upon to implement a ban on clubs as quickly as possible.”

After the Hamas bloodbath on October 7, 2023 and the battle in Gaza, such teams exploited the battle “to mobilize Muslim youth in particular and to incite against democracy.” “Online turbo radicalization” has elevated considerably because the corona pandemic.

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Islamists in Hamburg and WELT author Jörn Lauterbach

According to FDP parliamentary group vice-president Konstantin Kuhle, the Islamist influencer scene on the Internet has “developed into a serious factor in the radicalization of Muslims”. The Free Democrat demanded penalties. “A foreigner whose stay endangers the free and democratic basic order in Germany can be deported. Anyone who demands the abolition of basic rights such as freedom of the press at a demonstration fulfills this requirement,” Kuhle advised WELT. “If possible, the responsible authorities must initiate such an expulsion. This also applies to extremist influencers who call for demonstrations like those in Hamburg.”

“Anyone who calls for a caliphate has no place with us”

The Union's home coverage spokesman, Alexander Throm (CDU), referred to as the Islamist demo a “disgrace”: “Anyone who agitates against Germany as an alleged 'dictatorship of values' and calls for a caliphate has no place with us and must leave the country that way leave as quickly as possible.” Throm recalled that the Union submitted a draft law on changes to residence and asylum law to the Bundestag at the end of 2023.

“The disgusting rally in Hamburg proves once again that a new standard of expulsion is urgently needed if a foreigner is criminally convicted for anti-Semitic motives. “In addition, anti-Semitic criminals who have received or are applying for protection as refugees must have their right to remain revoked,” said Throm. The Islamist demonstration also shows “that the traffic light must finally give up its resistance to tougher laws in the fight against anti-Semites and enemies of the constitution.”

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Raid on the Blue Mosque of the Islamic Center Hamburg (IZH) in 2023
Iran's helpers in Germany

The AfD parliamentary group's domestic policy spokesman, Gottfried Curio, complained about “elevated exercise by the Islamist extremist group 'Muslim interactive'”, which was taking place in Hamburg “utterly unhindered by German authorities”. “As the rampant Islamist street extremism shows, there is an urgent need to return to a zero-tolerance policy here; A due ban on the group 'Muslim interactive' would be a necessary first step,” said Curio.

Federal Interior Minister Faeser called the Islamist demonstration “difficult to bear” and pointed out in the “Tagesspiegel” that she had banned the terrorist organization Hamas and the Samidoun group in November 2023. “Other groups that want to emotionalize, radicalize and raise new Islamists are also the focus of our security authorities. This also applies to the group that was presumably responsible for the demonstration in Hamburg,” said Faeser. When asked by WELT, a spokesman for her ministry emphasized: “The security authorities continue to have the Islamist scene in their sights.” In general, the following applies: “In the case of crimes such as terrorist propaganda for Hamas or other banned organizations, in the case of anti-Semitic crimes or violent crimes, an immediate and “There should be decisive police intervention,” said the spokesman.

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A spokeswoman for the Hamburg police referred to the constitutional freedom of assembly. Only if there are concrete indications of non-peaceful conduct can a meeting be banned in advance. This was examined “intensively” with the help of state security regarding the meeting last Saturday. “As a result, the high probability of impairment of public safety required for a ban was not evident in this case.”

The Hamburg State Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) have mentioned “Muslim Interactive” in their current reports. In addition to groups such as “Reality Islam” and “Generation Islam”, they are ideologically close to the banned Hizb ut-Tahrir. On social media, they claimed “state-controlled Islamophobia” and described German integration policy as a kind of “assimilation terror.”

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Islamist teams additionally use their broad attain on social media to mobilize. This is in step with findings within the federal states. North Rhine-Westphalia not too long ago offered its constitutional safety report for 2023. “Islamism is on the rise again,” stated North Rhine-Westphalia Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU). Salafist networks once more proselytized that the Internet had “become a playground for extremists and people-catchers. It has never been easier to spread ideologies.” The final time there was an Islamist march in Essen was in November 2023.