Nerves, egos and brillibrilli behind the spotlights of the Operacin Triunfo tour: “One or two stars will emerge from this edition, but no more” | EUROtoday

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A girl stops useless in the course of the crowded hallway, two pairs of black boots on the prepared. Her face displays nice confusion. Her exhausted eyes search desperately by the bustle. Figures wearing black like her come and go, dragging racks overflowing with outlandish clothes: “This one, for the dancers' dressing room. You put this other one in the girl artists' dressing room.”.

From time to time the mournful uniform breaks when somebody seems, fleetingly, half dressed, half combed, with a smile of focus however a sparkle in his eyes that doesn’t deceive: it’s the massive day. Today every little thing begins.

The surprised lady stops one other lady and, in desperation, factors to the boots: “Help me, please, whose are they?” “Taconazo: Naiara; platform: Ruslana”the opposite responds mechanically, as if reciting a mnemonic.

Some time later, within the warmth of the live performance, her personal Ruslana He justified his alternative of footwear simply earlier than happening stage: “At a gala I almost killed myself with my heels while live, so now I don't take risks: always with a platform.”

The finish of the final version of Operation Triumphwhich has reinvented the format in Prime Videowhich has turn into the Big Brother of the 22-year-old youngsters after that phenomenon for in the present day's dad and mom that leaves us Chenoaa bisbala Bustamantea Rose of Spain. Its 16 contestants, now outdoors the Academy, start to fly on their very own though accompanied, in a final lesson, maybe crucial: this Saturday the gira OT 2023sponsored by Finetworktogether with his first offered out. Ahead, 12 occasions in 10 cities with greater than 150,000 tickets offered thus far and 200,000 on course.

But let's return 48 hours and get behind the highlight. Friday had extra hours than clockwork for the aspiring stars and their gigantic workforce. They arrived at Bizkaia Arena round 10:30 within the morning and so they left after 10 at night time for a normal rehearsal that was, in actuality, two: first, one in a tracksuit and bun, mere coaching, and after consuming the ultimate one, through which the They would resolve the wardrobe, make-up and hairdressing for the following three months. Everything needed to go completely.

“This is a time of connection, of receiving cuddles.” Estbaliz takes a break between make-up and make-up. Plenty of glitter, numerous eyeliner and juicy lips to dazzle on stage. “What happens in the dressing rooms stays in the dressing rooms, I can't say anything but I have had every exclusive…”, he says with out specifying who has labored with a whole lot of artists. And what do they discuss? triumphs whereas they flip their younger faces into these of the brand new pop stars? “They consider how to manage everything that comes their way. They are very excited but they also know that this is the opportunity of a lifetime,” he responds. It doesn’t specify extra, skilled secrecy is compulsory.

“When they become aware of the work that this profession entails, many will not want to continue”

Narcs Rebollo, president of Universal Music Spain and Portugal

“They started casting in October and in April they are performing in front of 13,000 people,” says Bea, and appears on the boys tenderly. She met them in the present day, however she will be able to't assist however have grown keen on them. Her accomplice Uxue factors out: “They are calm, huh? And very sure of themselves.” Hairdressers obtain tips however it’s the artists themselves who outline their look. When they see a coiffure that’s too convoluted, they warn: “Whatever you choose today you are going to have to keep it throughout the tour. You have to be handsome, but comfortable.”

Naiara, model new winner of OT 2023the gloss and bats his eyelashes like gigantic butterfly wings. “Now we have to seize the moment,” she assumes. She left the Academy two months in the past wrapped in reward, however she tries to not let the glory have an effect on her day by day work: “I surround myself with my people to keep my feet on the ground. I think it is the most important thing on this path,” she says. she.

At the again of the dressing room, which maintains a exceptional order inside the normal chaos, a big mirror serves as a stage for dozens of selfies, with very studied poses and the occasional speech to the digital camera. The youngest have simply come of age; the most important, Naiarais 27. They are the residing picture of technology Z, whom they’ve conquered with out hesitation: every little thing that occurs, for them, have to be documented on social networks. If it's not on TikTok, it doesn't exist.

Oh and Narcs RebolloPresident of Universal Music for Spain and Portugal and one of many best discoverers of skills in our nation, the principle downside of the brand new instances: “Before the fan phenomenon was channeled through the clubs, today social networks turn contestants into influencers more than in artists, exposed to people who give opinions about what they know and what they don't and who do so with great cruelty. For someone who enters a program with these characteristics and comes out as a recognized personality, assimilating it is tremendously complex and can affect the demands of their work and the objectives of their profession, what they want to become.”

“Maybe it is more comfortable for a young boy to live being influencer “I’ve to observe a really advanced occupation that requires nice private sacrifice, numerous dedication, numerous journey and numerous strain,” he suggests.

He knows what Rebollo is talking about, who has served as a promoter on all of the tours of OT less in one and that continues managing the careers of great triumphs illustrious He goes to Bilbao a little like the infiltrated boss, to observe without drawing too much attention how the star apprentices develop outside the walls of the Academy.

“This is a really good epilogue, however I need to be simply me”

Paul Thin, second classified in OT 2023

“Sometimes technical capability or having an amazing picture is confused with transmitting, and if you depart a format like this your transmission is inevitably overacted. Our job is to present them this filming alternative, clearly outsized: Nobody begins singing in entrance of 10,000 individuals with all of the tickets offered. But it does enable them to know what a tour is. When they turn into conscious of the work that’s round them, a lot of them won’t need to proceed down this path,” he explains.

The dimensions of the tour OT 2023 They are, to say the least, dizzying. More than 200 people are part of the team, including production, artists, technicians, makeup, hairstylist and management. Five trailers transport no less overwhelming technical material: 200 meters of LED screens and more than 170 spotlights. “It represents agency assist for nationwide expertise, tradition and music,” explains Scar VildaCEO of Finetworkmain sponsor of the tour. Each concert lasts three hours and the 16 singers perform 40 hours on stage. coversof the punk from Blondie's seventies to Quevedo's latest great hits, spread across solos, duets and group performances, not always to everyone's taste, but we will return to that later.

As a scout, the president of Universal Music He is interested in what happens on stage but above all how the artists react afterwards, when the lights and cheers go off and they are once again a group of 16 kids with a dream. “If they focus their profession as a strategy to generate income and obtain fame, they’re doomed to failure, in some unspecified time in the future they will break,” she says, and without giving names, she points out that many enter into OT as they could enter any other 'reality'. Rebollo detects it almost immediately. Talent is important, yes, but no more than the head: “It's very simple to have a 'hit', the troublesome factor is to take care of it over time”.

Maybe with that in mind he always travels Paul Thin accompanied by his laptop and his advertising, music and film books. The second classified OT 2023 He takes advantage of every free minute to study his future, now that the collective experience ends and his solo career begins. “We all have a little bit of a sore throat so we get a bit of upset, however look, if it has to occur as soon as in one million instances, it higher be in the present day,” she jokes during a rehearsal break.

“I’m so centered on what I need to do in 2025, on how I need to present my music and on how I would like my challenge to be understood that every little thing that has come after leaving the Academy in February has been one thing secondary,” acknowledges the young man from Armilla. (Grenade). “We completed the tour on July 19 and on the twentieth I begin engaged on my future as a solo artist. This is a really good ending, however I'm wanting ahead to the time once I'll be alone.” Paul Thin“.

Nor is she in need of her aspirations Ruslanawho got here third within the race triumphant and whom many accused of extreme ambition. “All artists have a big ego, you have to have it to go up there in search of applause,” she justifies, and factors to the big catwalk that can immerse her within the viewers. “They can prepare you to sing, but never for this, for people you don't know at all to know you, for them to criticize you and insult you on social networks.”

“It is important that they understand that they are now on the crest of the wave, but that will necessarily go down”

Vicky Gmez, choreographer

The exhibition of a actuality that by no means ends, converts the triumphs cannon fodder for the unleashed passions of the youngest Internet customers, for higher and worse. And the tour begins, in fact, with bitter controversy: followers of Paul Thin and Ruslana think about that the number of songs has not taken into consideration the ultimate classification and has left the Andalusian with solely three songs and the Canarian of Ukrainian origin with a single solo music.

“Clearly, I would have liked to sing more, but surely my classmates would too,” says the person from Armilla, and performs down the matter: “I understand a little what has been formed but nothing can be done. We are not the ones who we do the setlist and you have to enjoy what you have, be it three or five.”

In the absence of with the ability to contact the one who, in actual fact, culminates the musical choice, Manu Guix, who had no gaps in his schedule, the deputy musical director of the tour, Vic Mirallas, explains that the number of themes is made based on three standards: people who have labored finest, people who have finest represented every artist and a proportion that’s left to the interpreter's alternative. Because what might be seen within the reside performances might be, principally, what was seen in this system: “They have the songs very chewed and they allow themselves to improvise and make them more their own. This is one more step in the artist's professional life, they have to expose themselves.” there are issues.”

Yesterday a new phase in their career began for the 'triumphs'. A more authentic one but also infinitely more cruel. The first day of the rest of their lives. She knows well how the near future of artists works Vicky Gmezchoreography at the Academy and on tour and which won the first edition of Fame to dance! in 2008. “It is necessary to make them conscious that inventive careers should not linear. Now they’re on the crest of the wave however that can go down, and never imply that every little thing is over. We need to normalize and work on the psychological well being degree as a result of there are going to be downturns and that nobody is all the time on the prime,” she says.

The future is still not entirely clear Narcs Rebollo, there is much to see and hear, on stage and off. It's not like that 2017 from which they emerged the father, the end y Lola Igo, three women who “had been very hungry” and who he caught on the fly from the first meeting. It does confirm that in this latest edition of OTthe first broadcast live on Prime VideoIf a star is born it will be only one, two at most. “There received't be extra,” he says.

With every little thing open, the longer term, for the 16 triumphs, started final night time in Bilbao.