Marjane Satrapi, Princess of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities: “If I had Josep Borrell in front of me I would slap him” | EUROtoday

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The newly topped Princess of Asturias in Communication and Humanities 2024, Marjane Satrapi, thanked this Tuesday the award acquired for “her work for human rights and freedom” as solely she may do: with freedom of speech. First she stated: “If I become a symbol of dialogue and tolerance, If someone like me receives this award, the world must be going very wrong., because I am neither super nice, nor super tolerant nor am I 100% against violence. “So I say, rattling, if I obtain such a award, issues should be very unhealthy.”

In a press conference via videoconference with a group of journalists, he spoke about Perspolis, his masterpiece “however not the one one”, he has denounced the situation in his country, he has talked about religion, feminism and he has handed out the occasional capon. She has pointed out that the award serves to continue denouncing what is happening in Irn, especially at the current moment. “Today greater than ever it’s mandatory to talk. Words are nothing greater than phrases, however there isn’t any motion or fight on the earth that’s performed with out phrases,” she noted.

Marjane Satrapi has shown off the fame he has, of not keeping quiet about anything, and has criticized Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, who indicated at the time that a court ruling was necessary to declare the Guardians of the Revolution in Iran a terrorist organization. The Iranian director has been clear: “The actual impression of this award will come the day this State is acknowledged as a terrorist State. Borrell says no. But Iran is finishing up 5 wars in Iraq, Lebanon or Syria… These terrorist teams that function there wouldn’t operate with out the assistance of Iran. What extra proof do it’s essential declare them terrorists?“, has stated.

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The Iranian Vietista and movie director has insisted: “It is very good to have a sculpture of Mir [el premio fsico del Princesa de Asturias], but I have the feeling that I convince people who are already convinced. The sculpture is good but people's lives are worth more,” she stated, by means of the display along with her cigarette in her hand. “Public opinion is what forces politicians to make decisions. A politician is never going to go against public opinion (…) Sometimes I have compassion for politicians, although I am very angry with them. Josep Borrell, if I had him in front of me I would slap himbecause I think what he is doing is not right,” he added.

Regarding faith, he has criticized that “the problem is fanaticism, because people believe that they no longer have to think. Religion prevents people from thinking, because it tries to give answers instead of provoking questions. Therefore, it is not “an issue of faith, however of people that assume and individuals who don't,” he stated.

He believes that “stupidity is in every single place”, for example “when Americans discuss concerning the white race, the black race… when there is just one race, the human race.” He believes that a new cold war is underway and that now more than ever “it will be important that this Europe is united. Iran is finishing up a terrorist battle in 5 nations in opposition to its personal inhabitants. What extra is required to acknowledge them as terrorists and take away all of the ambassadors? It's time”.

Regarding feminism and freedom, her fight over the last 24 years, she says: “The Iran of tomorrow is the Iran of girls, and supported by males.” “I’m not at battle in opposition to males, however in opposition to patriarchal tradition. In a patriarchal household the daddy is the one who has the final phrase, and that’s the reason a dictator believes that he’s the daddy of the nation and that he has the final phrase. For this purpose, I consider patriarchal tradition is the idea of dictatorship.”

Satrapiagain without filters, has recognized the “horrible stress” that it generatesto her who hates having her photos taken, seeing herself collecting the award, surrounded by spotlights and flashes shooting up. “I do it as a result of I’ve to proceed and I feel it serves a function,” she stated.