Haiti already has president of the Transition Council and prime minister after weeks of political wrestle | EUROtoday

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After a number of weeks of wrestle and inside debate, the Transicin Presidential Council elected its president by easy majority and likewise proposed to the prime minister that he ought to lead sharp to the celebration of a presidential election and to arrange the arrival of the police forces of Kenya. The council appointed from amongst its seven members Edgard Leblanc Son, emblematic determine of the Organization of the People in Struggle (OPL), former presidential candidate and former president of the Senate.

From the primary day Leblanc Fils, who represents the opposition alliance of Collective January 30, He had emerged as one of many robust males of the transition. The current settlement is that none of them could be a presidential candidate within the presidential elections.

“We are going to make decisions regarding security to “free the nation from gang motion,” Leblanc stressed in his first words to the country, after welcoming the result of a low-minimum agreement.

The coalition of gangs named Live together challenged the State in February with an unprecedented offensive, which freed thousands of its own in the most important prisons in the country and put the prime minister in check, Ariel Henry. The gangsters took advantage of Henry's trip to Kenya to attack the National Palace, the airport, government headquarters, police stations and the port, which made the return of the prime minister impossible, who refused to call elections even though the Caribbean country no longer had any public elected office. Henry came to power in 2021 as a result of the international agreement after the assassination of the then president, Jovenel Mose.

The pulse of the gangs forced the Caribbean Community (Caricom) y USA They would look for an emergency solution and the bet was the formation of the Transicin Presidential Council, whose consolidation has taken more weeks than expected. The appointment as Prime Minister of Friz Belizaire, former Minister of Youth and Sports in the former president's cabinet Ren Preval during the gigantic earthquake of 2010. He is a little-known political personality, but he has the support of four of the seven members of the Council, headed by Leblanc Fils himself, the country's new strongman.

Along with the coordinator of the council, the figure of the former anti-corruption judge also emerges Emmanuel Vertilaire, belonging, as Belize, a Son of Dessalines, the party of the powerful former senator Moise Jean Charles.

The next step is to elect a council of ministers. On the horizon there remains a deadline for holding the long-awaited elections: February 2026.

“It is a vital step within the implementation of Haiti's nationwide political settlement. The clear and compliant appointment of a main minister, in addition to the fast formation of a brand new authorities, are very important for the steadiness of the nation. It is crucial to assist the deployment of the Multinational Security Support Mission by the UN Security Council and open a reputable path in the direction of the democratic renewal of Haiti,” he contemplated. Luis Almagro, secretary basic of the Organization of American States.