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Brian Rose, the London Real Party candidate for London Mayor, has hit out on the Labour and Tory candidates for being obsessive about political assaults moderately than substance.

MrRose is a banker-turned-broadcaster who beforehand ran within the 2021 election, inserting seventh with 31,111 votes.

He was responding to the dispute between incumbent Mr Khan and The Tory’s Susan Hall, over alleged plans to cost London drivers by the mile.

The London Real Party candidate mentioned: “This is such a depressingly good example of politicians being obsessed with politics rather than people. There is a huge debate to be had about how we fund investment in our capital’s transport infrastructure, while keeping the air clean.

“Yet Khan and Hall have become bogged down in a meaningless tit-for-tat over when and where Khan claimed he was looking at a pay-per-mile approach for London motorists.

“Meanwhile, out in the real world, drivers are being milked dry by Khan, TfL remains a case study in how not to fund transport, and London’s main roads remain jammed and polluted because of Khan’s obsession with Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.”

‘Khan and Hall have become bogged down in a meaningless tit-for-tat’ (Solent News & Photo Agency)

The former Wall Street banker added he believes London wants a frontrunner who behaves like a CEO moderately than a mayor. He says town must be led like a enterprise.

“On 2 May, Londoners have a chance to vote for change – and to break the depressing pattern of our city being governed by political narcissists and their cronies. We really need to change the tune and try some new moves,” he added.

On housing, Mr Rose mentioned he would construct 50,000 houses this 12 months, whereas Mr Khan pledge to construct 40,000 new council houses by the tip of the last decade.

“Our capital is in dire need of fresh new leadership, with a fresh new approach,” he mentioned.

“My plans to utilise modular construction technology, build on TfL land within walking distance of transport hubs, and set up a new business-focussed partnership to help fund my plans can deliver real change to London’s broken housing sector – and 50,000 extra homes this year.”

His manifesto pledges embody:

  • Fighting for freedom of speech and defending Londoners rights towards censorship
  • Making London crypto-first: Mr Rose believes cryptocurrency and blockchain can rework London’s financial system
  • Tackling crime in London by recruiting an extra 10,000 cops
  • Building 50,000 houses by the tip of 2024
  • Privatising TfL
  • Abolishing ULEZ
  • Promote the London Real Party as an efficient different to the slender world view of the principle political events

Read his full manifesto right here.

In the 2021 election Mr Rose acquired 31,111 votes.

When is the London mayoral election?

Voters can forged their poll in individual on 2 May, by put up or by proxy. Find your nearest polling station right here.

Everyone might want to present photograph ID at polling stations earlier than they vote.

The outcomes can be introduced at City Hall on Saturday 4 May.

Read the total checklist of candidates right here.