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Emmanuel Macron on the steps of the Elysée Palace, in Paris, May 2, 2024.

Emmanuel Macron warns towards the rise of “nationalists” in Europe, 5 weeks earlier than the European elections. In an interview with the British weekly The EconomistThursday May 2, he believes that the nationalists are ” all “ of the “hidden brexiters”who take the European Union ” Held hostage “ with a “same lying speech”.

“The National Rally wanted to get out of Europe, the euro, everything. Now he doesn't say anything. He draws dividends from Europe by wanting to destroy it without saying anythingdeclares the French president. In a way, it’s as if we were saying “it’s no big deal to entrust the bank to robbers. (…) If you entrust the keys to people who think like them, there is no reason for Europe to become a great power. None. »

An electoral study carried out by Ipsos, in partnership with the Sciences Po Political Research Center (Cevipof), the Montaigne Institute, the Jean Jaurès Foundation and The world, published Monday, highlighted the difficulties of the Macronist camp (17% of voting intentions in the June 9 ballot), largely left behind by the National Rally, which is in the lead (32%).

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” When they [les mouvements nationalistes] are around the table, they are taking Europe hostagecontinues Mr. Macron. They tell you: “If you don’t pay, I won’t give up”. This is just not affordable. And so I say to the Europeans: “Wake up!” (…) All European nationalists are closet Brexiters. »

“They first claim to make their country stronger, they are not going to tell you that they want to destroy”he still assures. “The National Rally (…) does not vote for the common agricultural policyhe cites as an example. They tell the farmers that with them things will be much better (…), but where will they get the 9.5 billion in funding? »

“Pragmatism” in economic relations with Beijing

Unlike the president of the Italian council, Giorgia Meloni, patron of the post-fascist Fratelli d'Italia party, who “has a European approach” and has “moreover supported the asylum and migration pact”, according to Mr. Macron. “The nationalists, who were elected on programs of doubt with regard to Europe, I see that they play more like Europeans and I welcome that”he adds, while estimating that “the best way to build together is to have as few nationalists as possible”.

In the same interview, the president also mentioned the case of China, stressing that Europe must defend its “strategic interests” in its economic relations, a few days before a state visit to France by Chinese President Xi Jinping. “We must be very pragmatic and look at this issue with our strategic interests”said Mr. Macron, when asked about whether or not the European market would be opened to China.

“This is one of my main objectives in welcoming President Xi Jinping, we must do everything to engage China on major global issues and have an exchange on our economic relations which are based on reciprocity”adds the president.

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