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The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, during his speech at the Sorbonne, April 25, 2024.

Per week after Emmanuel Macron's speech on the Sorbonne on Europe, Arcom, the audiovisual regulator, estimated, Thursday May 2, that it should be counted in its “entirety” as talking time for the presidential camp as a part of the European election marketing campaign.

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In a letter addressed to the Les Républicains (LR) occasion, which had contacted it, Arcom considers that, “if the words of the President of the Republic did not express explicit support for the list led by Mr.me Valérie Hayer, they nevertheless presented, in their entirety, a direct link with the election.”

The regulator emphasizes particularly that these feedback, “contributing to taking stock of past action and exposing the elements of a program, could have an impact on the vote” from June 9. The unbiased authority additionally observes that this speech, lasting virtually two hours, was delivered “while the electoral campaign is fully underway”. The totally different antennas which broadcast the speech will due to this fact need to take this into consideration, by balancing the talking occasions of the opposite lists concerned on this election.

The occasion led by Eric Ciotti had written to the regulator the identical day of the speech, in order that everything of this speech, which he described “electoral propaganda operation”or counted “list speaking time” of the presidential camp – Renaissance, MoDem, Horizons and UDI –, led by Valérie Hayer. Since April 15, and as earlier than every election, TV and radio stations are required to respect a precept of equity within the remedy of political forces, earlier than the June 9 vote.

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“A subject of inequity between applications”

On Public Senate on April 26, the primary secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, additionally introduced his intention to request Arcom: “It is curious that the Head of State, at this moment in the sequence, speaks, mobilizes the television channels, does it as if he were the head of his own list, but without [que son temps de parole soit] counted ». He then mentioned “a subject of inequity between applications”. The tv channels themselves questioned themselves and a few questioned the regulator, like BFM-TV.

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The day after his speech, Emmanuel Macron returned to the topic after criticism from the opposition. “It was a word from the President of the Republic yesterday. Afterwards, the rules are defined by others and that is very good and independent”he had estimated.

The occasion led by Eric Ciotti had additionally contacted the National Commission for Campaign Accounts and Political Financing (CNCCFP) in order that it may take into consideration the bills of this speech “ within the campaign account » from the list led by Valérie Hayer. Mr. Ciotti specified that his request concerns the “direct and indirect costs as well as various benefits in kind received”.

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