Raphaël Glucksmann denounces the “brutalization of public debate” and accuses the “rebellious”, after his ouster from an illustration | EUROtoday

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The candidate of the Socialist Party (PS) and his Place publique formation in the European elections, Raphaël Glucksmann, Wednesday May 1, in Villeurbanne.

The day after his ouster from the May 1 demonstration in Saint-Etienne, the candidate of the Socialist Party (PS) and his Place publique formation within the European elections, Raphaël Glucksmann, denounced Thursday May 2 on the set of France 5 a “deleterious atmosphere” in public debate.

“At some point, it has to stop, because the violence of words always ends in violence of facts. We need to come back to reason, to the Republican debate”, he declared. The MEP needed to be exfiltrated by his safety service after being booed by shouts of “Get out of there”, “Glucksmann get out of there” or “Palestine will live” by demonstrators who threw paint at him.

The socialist candidate as soon as once more pointed the finger at Jean-Luc Mélenchon and “the “rebellious” circles” who, in accordance with him, “orchestrated a violent, false campaign against [sa] own person, against [ses] votes in the European Parliament, against our positions ». “And that’s what then produced this atmosphere in Saint-Etienne”he castigated.

Like the day earlier than, the socialist candidate as soon as once more accused communist and “rebellious” activists of getting prevented him from collaborating on this May 1 rally. A couple of hours earlier on Thursday, the president of the “rebellious” group, Mathilde Panot, had however denied any participation of LFI sympathizers on this motion, accusing Mr. Gluscksmann of getting “lied” on this matter. For meme Panot, the MEP “mounted himself [cet incident] pointing out to accuse the “rebellious””. “Raphaël Glucksmann, apologize!” “, Jean-Luc Mélenchon also thundered in a message posted on X on Wednesday afternoon.

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According to the “rebels”, this action was carried out by the Young Communists of Loire, who recognized their participation. But TF1 and LCI collected the testimony of an LFI activist, former deputy of an LFI candidate – not elected – in the 2022 legislative elections, claiming, “rebellious” flag on his shoulder, “to have been one of those who expelled him”. “I am attacked by radical and violent activists of the Young Communists and “rebels” and it would be me who should apologize? Well I won't apologize.”replied Mr. Glucksmann on Thursday night.

“They don’t impress us”

“I want to tell these people who brutalize public debate that they do not impress us”he added, assuring that his marketing campaign “ is designed as an antidote to this permanent brutalization of public debate”. The socialist candidate shows his intention to steer “a campaign on the subject of the election, Europe”. “What defense Europe faces Putin? Which Europe has an ecological transition facing the prospect of climate collapse? »he listed.

Asked about the reasons for this action, Mr. Glucksmann believes thate “it is undoubtedly because our camp has a dynamic [dans les sondages] ». The socialist candidate is placed in third position – at the head of the left and gradually getting closer to the presidential camp candidate, Valérie Hayer –, according to the fourth wave of the electoral survey carried out by Ipsos, in partnership with the Sciences Po Political Research Center (Cevipof), the Montaigne Institute, the Jean Jaurès Foundation and The world.

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“They get angry because we are in front, [Jean-Luc Mélenchon] thought he was the owner of the leftcontinued Mr. Glucksmann. I want to show that there is still a humanist, pro-European left that stands up, that does not allow itself to be impressed by violence. »

The socialist candidate for the European elections received several supports on the left, including that of the national secretary of the PCF, Fabien Roussel, for whom “nothing justifies that Raphaël Glucksmann was excluded from a mobilization this 1er-May in Saint-Etienne ». “The social movement gains nothing from practicing ukase and exclusion”had estimated the deputy from the North in a message on. “The excessive conflictualisation and the anger stirred up by some are bearing fruits, had also castigated for his part the socialist president of the Occitanie region, Carole Delga. This is the society they are offering us, it is not ours. »

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“I will always stand against any form of violence in politics. Politics can sometimes be a fight in the noble sense of the term, but it must always be done with respect for the integrity of people”reacted for his half the Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, throughout a visit to Beaugency (Loiret).

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