The most essential organizations of Bullfighting along with the agricultural world demand the resignation of the Minister of Culture | EUROtoday

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The Royal Union of Fighting Bull Breeders, Union of Bullfighters, National Association of Organizations of Bullfighting Shows (ANOET), Fundación del Toro de Lidia, and Alianza Rural -which represents probably the most related entities within the Spanish countryside-, demand the resignation of the Minister of Culture Ernest Urtasun agiven the brand new train of censorship that he has dedicated by deciding to get rid of the National Bullfighting Award from his ministry.

“This decision is an insult, not only to the most important cultural economic activity in our country, but it is also an attack against law 18/2023 [y sobre todo y por encima la Constitucin: artculos 149.2, 44 y 46] which establishes that the “State should defend and promote Bullfighting, a direct accountability of the Minister,” they say in a statement.

And he continues: “Bullfighting It is an emblem of the agricultural world of Spain and its customs.. Legislating with our backs turned to so many spectators who fill the bullrings, in addition to to those that run bullfights or have fun their widespread festivities within the streets, or to the agricultural individuals who reside by and for the courageous bull, is an train in totalitarianism extra typical of different regimes. The choice to get rid of the National Bullfighting Award, protected by the truth that 'traditions evolve and now there’s a social majority in opposition to animal abuse' it’s not that it constitutes an assault on democracy, however fairly it’s an aberration for these of us who defend and respect the combating bull as an actual paradigm of animal welfare” .

The organizations signatories demand the resignation of the Minister and they appreciate the support from the regional governments that demonstrate that they are involved in dignifying bullfighting cultural activity and the Spanish rural world.