Furious George Galloway hangs up interview when probed on homosexual marriage feedback | Politics | News | EUROtoday

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A fuming George Galloway stormed out of an LBC interview this morning after being questioned about his latest feedback that homosexual relationships should not “normal”.

Speaking on a latest podcast the Workers Party chief advised Novara Media that he doesn’t need his kids being taught that “gay relationships are exactly the same and as normal as a mum, a dad and kids”.

Despite the feedback being absolutely recorded, when probed this morning Mr Galloway furiously claimed he was being “ambushed” with an edited clip.

Mr Galloway was probed additional earlier than reducing the interview brief and hanging up his cellphone.

Interviewer Lewis Goodall requested why homosexual relationships, in his eyes, aren’t equal, with Mr Galloway accusing him of utilizing underhand ways to safe the interview.

Mr Galloway stated: “You got this interview to talk about the election.

“This is a clip of a clip, this is an edited clip, I can assure you… you clipped out the point about the 97 genders agenda.

“You clipped it out! Don’t think I don’t know what I said!

“You clipped it out! I’m not going to have a barney with you.”

When Mr Goodall hit again that he doesn’t desire a “barney” both however simply to make clear what he stated, Mr Galloway insisted he was not being requested in regards to the agreed subject of dialogue.

He replied: “Look I came on here to speak about the elections, now you’re ambushing me with an edited clip of an edited clip, so I’ve got a simple answer… listen to the whole thing tonight!”

Mr Goodall insisted he has listened to the entire clip, persevering with to ask the arduous left politician why he doesn’t consider homosexual relationships are equal to heterosexual relationships.

The LBC presenter then accused Mr Galloway of “misleading” his listeners by claiming the clip was edited.

Mr Galloway continued: “You’re misleading my listeners in saying that because we have not edited the clip! That is a full 90 seconds.”

Mr Galloway then introduced: “I’m going to hang up now!

“More fool me thinking that you’re request that I come on a talk about the election was genuine. Bye.”

Mr Goodall inserted a remaining demand for Mr Galloway to “grow up” earlier than the MP hung up.