The PSOE falls into the “mud” with two 'hoaxes' in 24 hours: from the “trunk” of the UGT chief to the “substances” of Puente | EUROtoday

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On as much as 10 events this Saturday, Pedro Sánchez used the phrase “fango” and the verb “enfangar” on two different events throughout his speech of simply over 20 minutes at a PSC rally within the Barcelona city of Montmel. The persistent technique of the President of the Government of attempting to fight the local weather of political rigidity by blaming it solely on the best, the intense proper and the “pseudo media” has collided with two controversies in lower than 24 hours during which the epicenter has been positioned within the very ranks of his celebration.

The second of them, quickly talking, was triggered on Friday afternoon when the Minister of Transport, Oscar Puente, throughout his speech at a colloquium on communication and social networks held in Salamanca, insinuated that the president on the head of the Republic of Argentina consumes medication. . “I have seen [Javier] Milei on TV and I said, as I was listening to him, I don't know in what state, prior to ingesting or after ingesting what substances, and he came out to say that and I said, it is impossible for him to win the elections, I dug his grave; Well no,” she mentioned actually.

These phrases triggered an official response from the Office of the President of the Pink House during which they accused Sánchez of “endangering the unity” of Spain by “agreeing with separatists” and reminding him that “he has more important problems to deal with, such as the corruption accusations that fall on his wife,” Begoa Gómez. The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation was pressured, in flip, to “roundly condemn the unfounded terms” of those statements in one other assertion during which the origin of the diplomatic conflict was ignored.

Previously, on Friday morning, the chief of UGT in Catalonia, Matas Carnero, who closes the PSC record for Barcelona, ​​had attacked Carles Puigdemont in an occasion with unions for having informed, in flip, the top of the central Executive that he got here to politics “crying from home” after speaking that he was going to mirror if it was value persevering with. “He left crying in the trunk, and I don't know if he shit or pissed, but he went to Brussels,” mentioned Carnero, experiences Efe.

The politician who fled after 1-O warned via his X account to “those who complain that the Spanish press invents that Pedro Sánchez uses the Falcon improperly” that that is additionally an try to “dehumanization”: “I have never been in any trunk, and they know it, but they repeat it just like those in the sewer repeat that the prime minister's wife has shady dealings. Except that they set up an emotional circus to collect votes and we strengthen ourselves and prepare ourselves.” a lot better to face them from the day after the elections.

In the midst of the mud, the PSC marketing campaign director and variety of of the celebration, Llusa Moret, was pressured to apologize to those that “may have felt offended” by Carnero's phrases concerning the Junts chief. The candidate himself, Salvador Illa, needed to bear in mind that he’s dedicated to a “propositive, constructive and respectful tone with everyone” after the candidate for a second time period on the head of the Generalitat, Pere Aragons (ERC), urged him to reject these phrases if he wished to “be credible.”

At his assembly yesterday in Montmel, Sánchez as soon as once more insisted on his explanations about “how the mud machine works” for these initiated into the matter. “The PP and Vox have their pseudo digital media where hoaxes and misinformation begin to spread… Then they have their political spokespersons who in Congress or in any parliament in Spain say 'what a scandal, we demand responsibility and an immediate response' (… .) It ends up in the radio and television talk shows. And, finally, they have far-right entities that what they do is prosecute these cases before the courts,” he famous in implicit allusion to the grievance. Clean palms towards his spouse's companies, about which he continues with out giving explanations whereas insisting on the “mud.”