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Sin response to the jurist Alain Supiot, “work is something greater than employment (…). Employment was born from this great pact, resulting from the union struggles of the industrial era, which consisted of exchanging alienation at work, the renunciation of having a say in production, for limitations on working time and physical and economic security » − this interview was published by Humanityon March 11, 2016, on the occasion of the new edition of the report Beyond employmentunder the direction of Alain Supiot, published by Flammarion.

The union movement can move beyond this stage by putting at the forefront of its demands the answer to two fundamental questions: “What do we produce? And how is it produced? » It is about mobilizing the capacities for innovation and collective learning to escape the spiral: more energy, more matter for more waste, and safeguarding the potential of the biosphere, the primary guarantor of social health of the human race.

Can we trust the short-termism of shareholders with their eyes fixed on their dividends, the champions of financialization in search of liquidity, to implement the industrial renewal at the heart of this logic? It is a reconstruction, part of the long term of essential energy and ecological transitions. Such a rupture in meaning in the management of the economy calls for the emergence of true citizenship in the company, without which “social dialogue” will proceed to be an incantation, beauty or phantasm.

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A French-style “codetermination” should be invented. It requires a authorized, political, democratic redefinition of the idea of enterprise inducing a revolution in its governance, lastly involving workers (and territories), far past the timid first steps of the Pacte regulation. [Plan d’action pour la croissance et la transformation des entreprises de 2019]. It is a query of extending the sphere of social regulation to the societal dimension of financial exercise, in response to the transformation of the corporate into a real collective good giving full that means to the idea of “stakeholders”.

A “just” transition

Faced with the disastrous penalties of worldwide warming, many union actors are searching for to mix the protection of employees, promotion of their rights and taking a place on transition planning. New rights are completely crucial in order that they’ve the facility to information and validate choices, each when it comes to their content material and their tempo. This strategic goal constitutes a unifying foundation for unitary approaches, according to these launched for the reason that unitary social mobilization of spring 2023.

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