Lee Anderson’s 3-word ‘actuality verify’ warning to Tories after election | Politics | News | EUROtoday

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Lee Anderson has issued a “reality check” warning to the Conservative Party after it confronted an embarrassing set of native election outcomes.

In a publish on X, the Reform UK MP for Ashfield advised the Tories to “stop blaming others” in a three-word slap down, and criticised former Conservative colleagues for claiming that “voting for Reform is a vote for Labour”.

Anderson joined Reform in March after being suspended by the Conservative Party for feedback he made about London mayor Sadiq Khan which prime minister Rishi Sunak described as being “wrong, unacceptable and ill-judged”.

In his tweet he stated the Tories had not been listening to individuals’s “priorities” and criticised MPs for “blaming” Reform for Consevative election failings.

He stated: “Reality check incoming, Labour are not 20 points ahead because they are any good.”

He added: “It’s you that are 20 points behind because you have spent more time tweeting than knocking on doors, listening to people and then delivering on their priorities.

“People are fed up with mass authorized migration, mass unlawful migration regardless of three acts of Parliament being handed, knife crime, lawless streets, weak police forces, cannot get a GP or dentist appointment.

“Stop blaming the Reform Party and do something about it rather than question the intelligence of people that have always put their trust in you.

“The Reform Party is the one get together that may sort out these points. A vote for you is a vote for extra of the above.”

Prior to joining his new party, Anderson himself had been critical of Reform, saying it was “not a correct political get together” and describing its leader Richard Tice as a “pound store Farage”. When he joined the party he became its first and only MP.

It comes after Anderson mockingly took aim at the Tories on Friday telling Sky News the prime minister could “drop 1,000,000 kilos down each chimney” in the UK and still not win the general election.

He told Sky News: “I think the public’s already made their mind up.

“I think Rishi Sunak could fly over the UK tonight in a helicopter and drop a million pounds down every chimney and they would still vote him out come October.”