The PSOE apologizes for Puente y Carga's assault towards Milei: “His response is disproportionate and out of place” | EUROtoday

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Measured phrases. Justification however with out changing into a closed protection. The phrases of Minister Scar Puente about Javier Milei, president of Argentina, pressure the Government and the PSOE to measure their steps and phrases. The head of Transportation, at a celebration occasion final Friday, slipped that the Argentine president was taking “substances.” From the PSOE they justify the minister's reflection as a result of, they are saying, he spoke “in the framework of a relaxed conversation” and, however, they assault the Argentine authorities's response, launched via an announcement. “The response from Milei's office is disproportionate, out of line and with little precedent in democracy.”

Last Friday, throughout a celebration occasion on social networks in Salamanca, Puente lit the fuse with this reflection: “For example, Milei, Trump… I don't know if they will have advisors. Of course, Milei, if they have advisors, I think they “He doesn't pay attention a lot. I've seen Milei on TV and I don't know in what state, whether or not earlier than or after ingesting what substances. I believed it was unimaginable for him to win the elections and that he had dug himself a grave.”

The diplomatic conflict has been escalating and taking flight over the weekend. The Milei government harshly attacked Pedro Sánchez. “He has extra necessary issues to cope with, such because the corruption accusations leveled towards his spouse, a difficulty that even led him to think about his resignation.” A harshness that forced Foreign Affairs to respond, with another statement, in which he “flatly” rejected Milei's criticism, although Puente's words were ignored: “They don’t correspond to the relations of two brother nations.”

“We see the pen of Vox,” said Esther Pea, spokesperson for the PSOE, regarding the response given by the Argentine government. “It exemplifies that worldwide extremely that features as a mutual support society.”

The PSOE does not defend Puente explicitly, but neither does it criticize him. “It looks as if a really disproportionate response to me. Let's not confuse Argentina with Milei,” Pea insisted when questioned by journalists for self-criticism about Puente's words. Ferraz defines Milei as “a president who has proven his machismo, his extremely character and unusual issues.”

From the PSOE they prefer to focus on Feijo and not on the words of Minister Puente. “He may be very involved about how some worldwide leaders understand a few of the relaxed points that happen within the natural sphere.”